Hybrid brinjal seed market in india

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Hybrid Brinjal Seed Market in India


  • 1. Dr. L.K.Pandey Ananya Seeds Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi.

2. Background of Brinjal In India, eggplant is often described as the poormans vegetable, because it is popular amongst small-scale farmers and low-income consumers. Brinjal or Egg plant or Aubergine (Solanummelongena) is a native of India and has been cultivated since a long time. It is widely grown in the warmer regions of bothhemispheres. 3. Nutritional value The edible portion of brinjal per 100 gm contains92.7 gm of moisture, 1.4 gm of protein, 0.3 gm of fat, 0.3 gm of minerals, 1.3 gm of carbohydrates and 4 gm of calcium. The fruits of brinjal are an excellent remedy for those suffering from liver problems. The green leaves of the plant are the main source of supply of antiscorbic Vitamin-C for diabetic patients. 4. Colour variants pinkpurple 5. Domestic demand The brinjal fruit may be white, yellow, brown, green,black, pink, purple and striped in colour and may be round, long-elongated, pear-shaped and oblong in shape depending upon the cultivars. The long, green varieties are preferred in Bihar, the round in Karnataka and the green in Orissa. In the North, pinkish purple, violet or black colour varieties are in demand. There is less and localized demand for white coloured brinjal fruits across. 6. Public-Bred Hybrids/ Varieties Brinjal has three main varieties, viz., the round or egg shaped, the long and the dwarf. According to the eight agro-climatic zones in the country, several varieties have been identified. Early bearing varieties- ABH 1 & 2, Arka Navneet, Arka Nidhi, Azad Kranti, Mysore Green and Pant Samrat. Medium-bearing varieties- Annamalai, Arka Keshav, Arka Sheela, Pusa Anupam, Pusa Kranti. Late bearing varieties- Manjri gota and Punjab Bahar. 7. Brinjal Product Types 8. Product Type categoriesMajor StatesLeading Commercial products in marketBig Round Dark or light Purple (Bharta Type) Big Round BlackPunjab. HR, MP, UP, Bih, Guj, RajNavkiran, Mahy-80, Banarsi Gola,Raj, HR, W UP,Kanhaiya, Kalia,Long dark PurpleBih. Jhk, Assam, WB, Chhaya, Shekhar, UP, APLong light purple or pinkishBih, JHK, WB, AP,Hazari, Gulabiya, 704, pinkiSmall size, egg shaped, light/dark purple or blackish Green LongRaj, W-UP, Guj, MP, HRKrishna, Unnati, Pragati,Bih, JHK, KTK, TNGreen Long, 183,Green oval big (Green Bharta Type)MP, JHK, BIH, GUJ, MHHarihar, 1094, RajgaonGreen long or short with white strips (Green StarOrissa, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, MH132, 038, Green Star 9. Round Purple variants big bharta type Black round Dark Purple Round Bharta type 10. Long purple variants Gulabiya- Long pink typeLong dark purple or blackish 11. Dark Purple variants Dark purple club shapedBlack oval round big size 12. Purple oval variants Small oval purple chu-chu typePurple variegated 13. Green Brinjal Variants Green Big Bharta TypeGreen Long 14. Green Star Variants Green Star Long typeGreen Star Oval type 15. Bacterial Wilt Tolerant for Orissa Blue star typeGreen Star type 16. White Variants White Long eggplantWhite Round eggplant 17. Companies, products and share in Hy Brinjal seed market (mkt size 1400 qtls) Leading companiesMarket share in hy brinjalPrime products in the marketSungro15%Navkiran, PPL-74, PK-123, suraj, no.704, Gren Long, pragati, kanhaiya , 132, 038nunhems6%Kala gola, snadjya, 707, 706, chhaya, shilpaankur8%Ajay, vijay, nilesh, utkarsh, 786, sachin, 888, heerak, panna, raja, kaustubhcentury golden4%Green long, nisha,8%Krishna, preethi, jamuna-47, sweekar-321, new kiran, nishant, kalia, pratibha, 7540, green moti.Tokita4%Kuroi, godavari, kaveri, sumo-13, toki midori, 251, vardha-12, green gold-05mahyco6%Ravaiya, Mahy80, no10, 11, parinda, gulabi, anupma, bulldozer, vishal, hari, shiv, bipasha, neelam, mahy-9.Nath3%Kaveri-1008,nath-12, saraswati-1001, godavari- 18. Major Pests & Diseases of Brinjal crops Fruit and shoot borer Gall midge Red spider mite Bacterial wilt Verticillium wilt Phomopsis fruit rot Damping off in nursery TOSPO in brinjal