How AFR Clothing Increased Conversions and CLV By Over 14% Implementing Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails

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It was a pleasure working with AFR Clothing, we love being able to choose clients that have a unique mission and passion for change. Through a series of creative shopping cart abandonment emails and onboarding series we were able to increase conversions by over 14%.

Text of How AFR Clothing Increased Conversions and CLV By Over 14% Implementing Shopping Cart Abandonment...

  • 1. Case StudyThe ChallengeCart Abandonment Email Segmentation Repeat PurchasesOver 70% of customerswere abandoningshopping carts.AFR Clothing needed asolution to remindcustomers to purchase.3 Different types ofbuyers, (International,Donors, Activists).AFR Clothing needs tosegment their buyers todeliver personalizedmessages.Only 1% of customersreturned for a secondpurchase.AFR Clothing needed away to encouragebuyers to remain activein their mission.

2. The SolutionPersonalized & Triggered EmailsWelcome Series Triggered Emails Shopping CartAbandonment Emails Open rates and click thruAutomatic Customerrates outperformedSegmentation and VIPindustry averages byProfiles30% and 4% respectively.Increased conversions by 15% 3. The ProcessA/B Testing The Welcome SeriesEmail Opt InCopy*Note subtle differences "Make a Difference" vs "Subscribe"and letting the customer know they will choose what emailsthey will receive. 4. The Welcome SeriesThe ThankYou Page*Note, customers expectations are set. We tell them theywill receive an email from us later, have a CTA and a funvideo to watch 5. The Welcome SeriesFirst EmailAutoresponder*Note this email came from the founder rather andcustomer can reply directlyCustomers chooseemail frequency fromemail copy. 6. The Welcome SeriesCustomerPreferences*Note the only required field is "email". Say NO to Form Fatigue 7. The Welcome SeriesCotentEmails*Note rarely do we send promotions, we focus on quality content 8. The Welcome SeriesShopping CartAbandonment*Note, funny emails. NO PROMO, Personalized with name and product 9. The Welcome SeriesTheUnsubscribe*Note, every customer touchpoint is a marketing opportunity. 10. The ResultsDon't Take Our Word For It Ask Them*422*7(*48248-8-*15*)2-45.+8947*,74.9-'*-;.471*2.1270*9.3,G*-;*7*):(*)(79'3)432*393)8979*)8*3).3,*2.184:7(:8942*7814;*G.9-8*7.*84+(7*9.;**422*7(**2.18N*8!%45*379*83)#%(1.(09-7:79*8G:7(:8942*788.25114;*)7*(*.;.3,9-*23)9-*7*8:198574;*)9-9G3)).9.43947**3,,*)(:8942*78*34-;*,73:17)9)4394*(-.3).;.):1:8*7+4711(:8942*78-4;.8.94:7-45.+8.9*N2*3.3,*(3*3,,*(:8942*78435*784311*;*13))*1.;*79-*2:3.6:*8-455.3,*=5*7.*3(*Kuda BizaFounder AFR ClothingPedro MorasPartner AFR ClothingIncreased Conversions by over 14%