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How to Find and Keep Lasting Love

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Page 1: How to Find and Keep Lasting Love

11 Secrets from Seniors

on Finding Lasting Love

11 Secrets from Seniors on Finding Lasting Love

Seniors can offer a unique perspective on marriage and lasting love. Their decades of

experience can help you find love that lasts.

These are their secrets:

1. Listen to your family. Couples can benefit from listening to advice from family


Family members can offer a different viewpoint on the relationship. Their

approval may not be necessary for you to find happiness, but seniors state

that listening to family matters.

2. Listen to your friends. Your friends can also offer an interesting perspective on

the relationship.

Friends who care about your relationship can give advice.

3. Watch your partner during a game. Seniors recommend playing a board game

together and watching your partner’s reaction.

Games can reveal your love’s competitive side. They can also show you

how they handle stress and rivalry. Watching their reactions and noting

patterns will reveal important clues about your compatibility and future.

Lasting love is built with care and concern for each other, so watch for


4. Seek forgiveness. All relationships have issues, but it’s important to seek


Instead of keeping score on who should ask for forgiveness first, you can


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Page 2: How to Find and Keep Lasting Love

make the smart choice and establish a conversation.

Seniors state that forgiveness is essential in a relationship, and it must be


Dwelling on the issue can make it a bigger challenge. Instead, figure out a

way to deal with it as a couple and listen to each other. A mutual decision

to avoid resentment can help.

5. Continue dating each other. Create a date night once a month or more

frequently. It can be added to both of your schedules, and you can plan in

advance. Dating gives romance new energy, so you can build a stronger


6. Watch for common interests. Sharing common interests helps to maintain a


Do you enjoy the same type of movies? Do you like to spend your

weekends hiking or exploring new parts of a city? If you share common

interests, it’s easier to keep up conversations and find activities you can

do together.

7. Set aside a weekend morning or afternoon to talk. Couples can easily become

distracted by work, children, and other activities. However, talking to each

other can help you bond.

Discussions about your past, present, and future are at the heart of strong

relationships. A lasting marriage relies on both partners to communicate

frequently and effectively. By setting aside a specific time in your

schedule to talk, you’ll rediscover the joy in your connection.

8. Create a reasonable amount of space. Couples need to do activities together,

but they also benefit from having a reasonable amount of alone time.

9. Make an effort in your appearance. Seniors explain that making an effort to

look presentable and beautiful for your partner matters.

It’s easy to get distracted and feel tired. Staying in your favorite


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Page 3: How to Find and Keep Lasting Love

sweatpants or pajamas may be more comfortable, but it’s not helping the

romance aspect of your relationship. Seniors suggest that both men and

women dress up frequently for each other.

10. Give each other cute pet names. Nicknames can help you bond, and they can

help you discover what your partner thinks of you.

11. Make an effort to support each other. You can find ways to help each other at

work and at home. You can attend important events to show others you care

about your partner’s job. You can also manage chores by sharing them at home.

Seniors have years of experience in maintaining their relationships. Their advice can

help you find true love that lasts forever.

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