Tell Your Own Story: 5 Ways to Strengthen your Writing and Speaking Voice

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  1. 1. Tell Your Own Story! 5 Ways to Strengthen your Writing and Speaking Voice Genevieve A. Howard @HowGen
  2. 2. What youll do today Learn 3 important qualities of your personal story Start finding your story Tell your story! Learn 5 ways to practice using your voice
  3. 3. 3 important qualities Memorable Meaningful Moving
  4. 4. Memorable: Trust your experience One of my key clients commented to me that I wasnt confident enough. He encouraged me to bring up my ideas during meetings, not after. This advice came at the right moment, and I soon found my voice. As long as you are constructive, your opinion can hold sway. Minerva Tantoco Image courtesy of TechCrunch
  5. 5. You can recover from being stupid, but you cant recover from being a liar. Safra Catz Image courtesy of Oracle Meaningful: Be truthful
  6. 6. Moving: Tell your story as a way to connect
  7. 7. How to find your story Through discovery in personal writing.
  8. 8. 5 questions to find your personal story Whats memorable, meaningful and moving about your story? Youll need paper and pen. Be specific! The goal is self-awareness. You can do no wrong! Youll have 5 minutes.
  9. 9. What have you overcome? What is something you succeeded at that made you what you are today? What do you really love to do? Why? What do you believe in? Why? If money were no object, how would you spend your time?
  10. 10. Bring it into focus Pick one aspect from your writing and add detail. 1 to 2 minutes: Your unique experience or quality Why and how you have it How you use it now or what you will do in the future Youll have 3 minutes work on this. Be ready to tell your story to a partner.
  11. 11. Tell your story! Find a partner. Swap personal stories with each other!
  12. 12. Best way to strengthen your voice?
  13. 13. Use it!
  14. 14. 5 ways to practice
  15. 15. Lead a group Join an organization that matches your gifts. Lead the group. Tell people why you care about the group.
  16. 16. Join a speaking, leadership or writing group Toastmasters International Service and chamber Writers clubs Look for active groups.
  17. 17. Participant in a writing event National Novel Writing Month November: 50,000 Camps (flexible word count) April July You will learn to write quickly!
  18. 18. Find a partner or mentor Find another person with the same goals who will keep you accountable! Ask friends you already know Ask people at work Set up a regular meeting for check-in
  19. 19. Commit to yourself! If you committedright nowto strengthening your voice and telling your story, what would that look like? Write down what you will do this week.
  20. 20. In conclusion Make it memorable, meaningful and moving. Keep exploring! Your story is always being written. Its up to you to find it, know it and tell it! Lead, join, participate, find, commit!
  21. 21. And remember
  22. 22. Image courtesy of Catherine and Sarah Satrun,
  23. 23. Thank you! Genevieve A. Howard @HowGen