Everyday blessings in everyday lessons "Untapped Potential"

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Everyday BlessingsinEveryday Lessons

Untapped Potential

Dr. Ryan N. Mitchell

(I was) walking into a Popeye's chicken and a homeless guy asked,"hey young bro, can you buy me a 2-piece?" as he sat on the curb. I turned to him and said "brother I will feed you, but I was told nobody gets free lunch. I see you drawing something, why don't you sell it to me and I'll go get you a3-piece and a drink?" He smiled in agreement and said, "Okay! I'll have something for you when you get back!

I nodded as I walked into the store. I didn't know what kind of art I was purchasing from this man... I figured that I would throw it out once I got home. I knew that people often feel better when they work for things. By the excitement in his voice, he was encouraged.

When I returned with the 3-piece chicken meal he presented a 20 x 16 drawing of Malcolm X. Even though it was drawn in ink on a torn white paper bag, it was AWESOME. I was so amazed that I gave him an additional $20 for it.

I had the original work framed, and it has remained in the home office for 13 years... I call it "Untapped Potential".

Questions (from a personal and team leadership perspective):How many of us have untapped talents? Are we waiting on others to do for us, when we have the skills andabilities specifically designed for usto thrive?What arewe going to commit to (today) to help you walk in your designed destiny and to help your team to thrive?

Think about it... Act on it... And walk victoriously into your destiny!

Dr. Ryan N. Mitchell Dr. Ryan is a speaker, a teacher, an instructional designer, and a mentor to many. He is an expert in business communication, virtual management, and organizational development.


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