How to find a good lawyer in Spain

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1. HOW TO FIND A GOOD LAWYER IN SPAIN By Bresserslaw 2. FROM GENERAL TO SPECIFIC Do not go mad, go from general to specific and you will find the task much more easy. First of all, think about what you would do in order to find a good lawyer in your country. Use the same tactics in Spain, you only need some advice from a native. 3. 1 PERSONAL REFERRALS Try to find people who has been in the same situation and ask them. The more people you ask, the better information you get. Do not trust in only one persons opinion. Take into account the opinion of those people with your same legal problem. 4. 2 ONLINE INVESTIGATION Use the Internet to find more finformation. Find local lawyers, study their Websites and read the opinions of their customers. You can even find a forum and directly talk to other people in your same situation. 5. 3 LAWYER REFERRALS SERVICES There are companies which services consist on helping you to find a lawyer. You can trust them, but you should previously check their referrences too. 6. 4 PERSONAL INTERVIEW Arrange a meeting with the chosen lawyer so you can discover if he really fulfills your necessities: Check his personality and discover if there is chemistry between you. Make sure you will be able to contact him without any problem. Make sure you can pay his fees. Do not hire a lawyers with so many clients that he wont have enough time for you. 7. 5 SPANISH STYLE Do not forget that the law in Spain will be different than the law in your country. You are hiring a lawyer in Spain, he should behave according to Spanish laws. Hire someone who can speak English so you can understand absolutely everything. Make a deep study of all the candidates before hiring.