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<ul><li><p>INTRODUCING</p><p>My Lawyer in Spain</p><p>RCI and related marks are registered trademarks and/or service marks in the United States and internationally. All rights reserved.2015 RCI, LLC. All rights reserved.</p><p>For more information on how My Lawyer in Spain can benefi t your resort, email: Alex Radford - </p><p>or visit</p><p>Thank you RCI for inviting My Lawyer in Spain to take part </p><p>in the A liate Access Programme where we will be o ering specialist legal services to </p><p>developers and suppliers involved in the timeshare industry. My Lawyer in Spain &amp; MLS Legal are </p><p>trading brands of the law fi rm MLS Lawyers &amp; Solicitors SLP, a limited liability partnership. The fi rm comprises experienced English solicitors and Spanish abogados who have been involved in the timeshare industry since 1999.</p><p>The experienced timeshare team are passionate about the timeshare industry and believe they can o er important legal advice to the operators of legacy resorts which will have a positive infl uence and impact on their operations. </p><p>With more than 16 years of experience of advising timeshare &amp; shared ownership clients &amp; developers from around the world, they are ideally placed to work with RCI and their a liates to o er comprehensive quality legal services.</p><p>BIOGRAPHY </p><p>SERVICES AVAILABLE Advice on setting up a new timeshare resort or shared </p><p>ownership project anywhere in the world.</p><p> Drafting of project documents including purchase agreements, withdrawal notices, constitutions, rules &amp; standard information forms.</p><p> Modifi cation of established timeshare regimes and releases of accommodation. Review of existing documentation and amending to bring up to date.</p><p> General legal advice to developers, committees, hoteliers and resort operators.</p><p>PEM001928_MLS Lawyers.indd 1 03/06/2015 13:43</p></li></ul>