How to Get Started with Online Marketing

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This informative presentation sizes up the internet and shows how with a solid strategy, effective execution and monitoring of key metrics, small businesses can exceed and excel at online marketing.


<ul><li><p>How to Get Started withOnline MarketingSteve Hartley, Managing Partner</p></li><li><p>Presentation Overview</p><p>CREATING A STRATEGY</p><p>BUILDING YOURPLATFORM</p><p>MEASURINGYOUR SUCCESS</p></li><li><p>The History of Sales &amp; Marketing</p><p>Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr(1808 1890)</p><p>Plus a change, plus cestla mme chose</p><p>(The more things change,the more they stay the same)</p></li><li><p>Sizing the Internet Up</p><p>2.99 billionInternet users</p><p>1.09 billionwebsites</p><p>92.89%of Canadians have access</p><p>to the Internet</p><p>$1.5 trillionExpected 2014 B2C online sales</p></li><li><p>Sizing the Internet UpIn the 30 minutes this presentation is expected to take, there will be:</p><p>82,683,000 Google searches 4,214,806,200 emails sent</p><p>162,055,800 YouTubevideos viewed</p><p>14,135,400 tweets sent 76,391 blog posts published</p></li><li><p>Creating YourOnline Marketing Strategy</p></li><li><p>The Essence of Online Marketing</p><p>Visibility+</p><p>Credibility</p><p>=PROFITABILITY</p></li><li><p>Who</p><p>What</p><p>When</p><p>The Five Ws (and One H) of Selling</p><p>Where</p><p>Why</p><p>How</p></li><li><p>The Golden Circle</p><p>HOW</p><p>WHAT</p><p>WHY</p><p>Concept originally presented in Start With Why by Simon Sinek</p></li><li><p>The Inverted Triangles of Selling</p><p>WHY</p><p>HOW</p><p>WHAT</p><p>IMPORTANCE OPPORTUNITY</p></li><li><p>Identifying Your Buyer</p><p>Things you want to know about your buyer:</p><p>1. Background2. Demographics3. Identifiers4. Goals5. Challenges6. How You Can Help7. Real Quotes8. Common Objections9. Marketing Message10. Elevator Pitch</p></li><li><p>Where Do Your Buyers Hang Out?</p></li><li><p>Map Your Sales Process </p><p> and understand where your online marketing fits in.</p><p>DISCOVERY VALIDATIONSELECTIONRESEARCH ENGAGEMENT</p></li><li><p>Building yourOnline Marketing Platform</p></li><li><p>Google 101</p><p>SERVICESABOUT CONTACT</p><p>HOME</p><p>RENOS</p><p>FLOORING</p></li><li><p>Google 101</p><p>o Interior designo Colour selectiono Home renovationso Office renovationso Kitchen renovationso Bathroom renovations</p><p>o Best colours for a happy officeo Basement finishing ideas</p><p>Choosing the right flooring for an office</p><p>o Choosing the right flooring</p></li><li><p>Your Website A Solid Foundation</p><p>Clean interface, deliver yourkey message quickly and concisely</p><p>Keep Google happy!</p><p>Make your website look goodon mobile devices</p><p>Register your business onGoogle places</p></li><li><p>Social Media &amp; Visibility</p><p>Where does your buyer hang out?</p><p>Converse, dont broadcast!</p></li><li><p>Pay-Per-Click &amp; Visibility</p><p>Pay Per Click ads</p><p>Google BusinessPlaces ads free!</p></li><li><p>Content Marketing &amp; Credibility</p><p>15 Things ThatllShock You AboutContent Marketing</p><p>o Blogso Ebookso Tip sheetso Checklistso Client case studieso Whitepaperso Email newsletters</p><p> Build credibility Lead generation?</p></li><li><p>Metrics &amp; Analytics</p></li><li><p>Metrics</p><p>Embed tracking code in the code ofyour website to start Googletracking your website traffic, visitorbehavior and much more.</p><p>Most common metrics to track:o Pageviewso Sessionso Bounce rateo Locationso Device type</p></li><li><p>Steve Hartley, Managing PartnerPhone: (905) 456 4606 X230</p><p>Cell: (905) 867 5998Email:</p></li></ul>