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    If you're one of the thousands of Gmail users around the world, but do not know how to sign

    in your email address, because the common mistake is that some want to log in to Gmail on

    another server such as Hotmail or Yahoo, thinking it's the same with your previous accounts.

    But to log securely into Gmail email, you have to do is make sure you have internet access and

    a safe and strong signal connection that what I say because sometimes Gmail, it does not

    connect efficiently if not possess a good internet signal, to avoid you better well chagrin check

    your signal before starting. Now you must go to your favorite browser, whatever it is (Chrome,

    Firefox, Opera, Dolphin) once inside the browser that you must place in the bar or you can do it from directions if you do it from the main

    page of Gmail, you will be directed to a screen where "user", "password" said in these two

    fields must put what they ask respectively. Remember to put your full email thus not only "jack341" after that put your password and you should

    always be case-sensitive or else you can not get into your inbox now that all this is ready, you

    must press where it says gmail sign in but do not forget to check if you want your account

    remains open or not. To verify this, note that under the blue button "log" is a small button that

    says "Stay signed in" if you give click, but you close your browser your account will always

    remain open. By the way, if you do not already have one, you can see our tutorial on Creating

    Gmail account. Now these steps are from the main Gmail home page, but you can also do from

    Google and in the top right is a blue button that says gmail login or to the couple that there is

    another button that says Gmail, in any of these options can have a secure access to your email

    account from Gmail. Now if you have trouble logging in, it may be not placed right password or

    user name, these are two very common causes, but everything has a solution because if you

    do not remember any of this data, you will see a message that says "need help" if you enter

    this menu you can recover your account and you just have to choose the reason why you can

    not enter either forgotten password or username. And you must place your alternate email

    address you placed at check in, and that direction will send the required information to

    recover your email account to Gmail. Do not forget to always check if your account is closed

    completely when you are using a shared computer, because if you leave it open you can have

    data loss or theft suffer virtual identity.


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