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Bit torrent protocol

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peer to peer torrent network

Text of Bit torrent protocol


2. INTRODUCTIONCLIENT- SERVER SYSTEM (CENTRALIZED)PEER TO PEER NETWORK SYSTEM (DECENTRALIZED)COMPARISONSWHAT IS BIT TORRENT?BIT TORRENT COMPONENTSTHE ARCHITECTURE OF BIT TORRENTWORKINGADVANTAGESDISADVANTAGESCONCLUSION 3. BIT TORRENT IS CREATED BY BRAM COHEN IN 2001.IT IS PEER TO PEER (P2P)FIL TRANSFERING SYSTEM.IT IS USED TO TRANSFER VERY HUGE FILE.BIT TORRENT PROVIDES PROTOCOL TO ALL TORRENT CLIENTS.THIS IS MOST POPULAR AND EFFICIENT FILE TRASFERRNG SYSTEM.MORE EFFICIENT THAN CLIENT SERVER SYSTEM. 4. Cl i ent - Server Comput i ng or networki ng i s adi s t ri but ed appl i cat i on archi t ec t ure Thatpart i t ons t asks or work l oad betweenservi ce provi des ( server) And servi cesreques t ers cal l ed c l i ent s 5. Client send get message to server.Server send files.Transfer is handled by FTP & HTTP. 6. TRAFFIC CONGESTION.CRASHES WHOLES SYSTEM WHEN SERVER IS FAILS. 7. PEEReach peer directly connected to other peer.it is used for large file transfer.peer uploads data while downloading any files.File to be transfer is divided into equal size of pieces.These pieces are downloaded from different peer parallely. 8. Bit torrent client software..torrent file or Metainfo file.LeechersPeersSeedsTrackerPiece(of a file)DataTorrent index server 9. Client s/w- Program which sites on a peers computer and implement the protocol.{bittorrent.} Reads .torrent fileIt controls all operations such as.-Reads information contents in .torrent file.After reading .torrent file it send message to tracker to send list of peers.Connected to peersKeep all records of the file which is receiving.ich is receiving. 10. It has extension as .torrentIt is extremely small(up to 100 kb).It is downloaded from torrent index server.Contains the information that points to the actual file andpeople who are sharing it. 11. InfoSize of pieceTotal no. of pieceSHA number 12. THERE ARE THE CLIENTS WHO HAS ENTIRE FILE.THEY UPLOADS FILES TO OTHERS PEERS. 13. It is the client which is responsible for file transfer.Downloading speed of any file using torrent dependson a number of peers.Peers=leech + seed 14. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8The file which to be download is divided similar size of pieces.These pieces are downloaded parallel.Each pieces of download different peers. 15. Tracker is the server.It contains all database about peers of a torrentIt provides all list of peers which are associated with a paticular torrentThese trackers are mentioned in the metafile.Client s/w sends request to send list of peers.Connected all peers. 16. Source of .torrent fileTorrent search engine 17. Trackers-Tracks peer in torrent provides tracker listTorrent-Group of peers exchanging chunks of a file 18. Bit torrent is an open source program offers a spyware andnuisance free installation.Allows users to share large amounts of data in a short span oftime.Dicourages freeloading by rewarding fastest uploaders.The more popular a file is the more people want a copy of it thefaster it can be downloaded,because there are more places to getspieces of it. 19. Bit torrent is a great protocols to distribute large files.Bit torrent was conceived as a way of distributing large filemore quickly,efficiently and reliably.Bit torrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing system that is quicklybecoming the method of choice for publishing and sharing largefiles across the internet. 20. ?