Vision health an integral part of public health in nigeria

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Vision Health An Integral Part of Public Health*C.A.E Emereole1, C.A.Ogugua1and C.L. Amuneke1

1. Department of OptometryImo State University, Owerri.

*Corresponding AuthorEmail: Phone: +234-803-540-7341

ABSTRACTAs our populations continue to live longer, the challenge of maintaining good vision is increasing. Vision disorders and eye diseases are major public health problems, both nationally and internationally. Optometrists with training and experience in public health need to assess community needs for vision care services, to determine which factors contribute to treatment and prevention of visual system anomalies, to develop and apply quality assurance systems, to participate and provide leadership in health-related agencies, and to foster public awareness of the need for vision care.Optometrists in public health are expected to have the capability to develop, administer, and evaluate eye and vision health programs in research projects; design and conduct epidemiological field studies, and use statistical methods for these data analyses; develop and implement vision health education programs; and develop occupational health and eye safety programs. The Nigeria national blindness and visual impairment survey conducted in 2005-2007 showed that of a total of 13,599 persons aged 40+ who were examined across the country, the prevalence of blindness in the sample using presenting vision (PVA) of