skin care tips for oily skin

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  1. 1. GoesonreallynicelyIjustyouknowbasicallyputaline a bitdownmy fingerandthat'sas much as Ineed for myface forthe nonce betterall overa givennicethickcoatingIand thenI letthatdry and setup you are um someone reallyneedsto beappliedindoorsandhe'sa setupfor15 minutesbefore youdo anythingelse toitso thendon'timmediatelythatputonyourfoundationwhateverthisisa broad- spectrumblocksa and the lightwhichisgreatanothersome like thatIuse I use thisone next myhands and on mychestthiswhatI actuallyjustpickedupa free sample amajorchallengesof thisisavinoyou re a UV B SPF 30 I reallylike thisondon'tknow myfacebecause Itriedonmy face by at leastit'sthicker and itleavesmore a com coating Tthat I can feel andmy makeupdoesn'tapplyaswell kindaballsupinrolesof soI like thisbecause Ican almostusethisasa primerthisthisissuch a nice smoothfinishthatonthe makeupgoesangryover itsthat'swhyyousat on my face somethingelse onmyjustin'sIdotreatmylipsbecause theyfeel sodry inthe morningandsoI've beenusingthisIbefore thisisa userinproduct liprepairprotectandthishas broad spectrumSPF30 sunscreeninitwhichlistedaswell soIA puta littlethatmylipsetumandit keepsthemfeelingniceandmoistwell Iyouknow finishupmymakeupstyle myhairanddoall that stuff for readyto go alrightsolve thissimple morningroutine now inthe eveninglotmore complicatedIknow I'vetalkedalotaboutthe vitaminCSerumomin the eveningfirstthingIdoistake off myI makeupand thenI washmy face again withthiserabe hydratedcleanserandmymediatoI'll clearsonicwhat isits sonicface machine I shouldabroughtdown Apull intomyclearsonicreviewvideohereIlove thatI got Christmasonlybeenusingitfortwomonths whata difference ithasmade inmy skinomI use it withthe servi andit's nicebecause itthisdoesn'tpull up so onyou nowwithsonicthingI've seensome peopleonYouTube foruse itand phone getscrazybut it doesn'tbeaumontandtakesoff everyscrapof make-uponand thenmyskinissocleanand ithelpsmy anti-agingserumstoabsorbbettersothat'sgreatso afterI washand pat dry um now okaythismightbe a littleconfusingI am onis weirdschedulelikealternatingnightsbecause I'mtryingtoworkinmy tretinoincreamintomyregimentandyoureallyneedtostartusingitlike once aweekandthenaftera monththat youbuilduptotwice a weekyoumaybe have stretchingoutto bar no but aftermonththat he got to likethree timesaweekthatyoudon'tfour timeswe canyou see if yourskincantolerate using it everydayI don'tknowif I can onespeciallysince Iwannause the vitaminCSerumeverydaybutcom but the trendline isisgreatand there'sdifferentschoolsofthoughtonhow youapplyitwhere the primeleastraisafirstwillyouwaitacertainamountof time or whetheryouall applyitthen applymoisturizerlaternowyoucan askdermatologistsandyouknow doa lot of researchon thisandthe informationisall overthe mapthere isno consensusonitIgot a prescriptionfromadoctor sheaskedme whatstrengthi wonI saidI wantedthe 0.05 percentK now the instructions..