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Part of the iVolunteer flipbook for Leeds City Council. This is the contribution of staffer Tina Leslie. bit.ly/ivolunteerleeds

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  • 1. i Volunteer LeedsLaunchedNovemberTina LeslieKenyaHealth BUT POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS2014UpdatedNovember201410 HOURS

2. i Volunteer LeedsLaunchedNovember2014UpdatedNovember2014TINA LESLIEOPENS OUREYES TO HOWVOLUNTEERSIMPROVEOTHERSLIVESI used my 10hours volunteertime to organisethe day and launchour charityin Kenya,TinaContinues 3. i Volunteer LeedsLaunchedNovemberTina LeslieKenyaHealth2014UpdatedNovember2014WHAT TINA DOES INTinaI used my 10 hours volunteer time to organise the dayLeslieand launch our charity in Kenya.writesWe have a mother and baby project which helpspregnant mothers and babies and also helps withprevention of mother to child transmission on HIV.On top of this, there is also a football and gym project,as well as social justice. 4. i Volunteer LeedsLaunchedNovemberTina LeslieKenyaHealth2014UpdatedNovember2014bhrs pressreleaseon TinaTina Leslie, of Leeds City Council, and the NSPCCs Anita Jones (trainer NSPCChave returned to Kenya for the fifth time in two years.The aim of this visit was to launch the bhr charity in Kenya. Using a holisticapproach to improving health we decided our first event would be a Healthand Fitness Fun Day for the families in the village of Mtomondoni, 20kmsfrom Mombasa. In addition,we alsohave this 5. i Volunteer LeedsLaunchedNovember2014UpdatedNovember2014Having only six days toorganise and deliver this eventwas both challenging andrewarding.The aims of the day were tohighlight our health work inKenya and to raise awarenessof our objectives and profile inthe area.The day was held at a villagecalled Mtomondoni on thelocal school football ground.Our special guest Mr Ali Bakari,Regional Councillor, kindlyattended and we would liketo thank him for giving uspermission to run this event, formaking all the announcementsand a very good speech aboutour work.There's moreI also volunteer for NorthLeeds food bank and St.Martins church, Chapeltown,soup kitchen and am part of avolunteer team that organisesChapel Allerton Arts Festival.Tina LeslieKenyaHealth 6. i Volunteer LeedsLaunchedNovember2014UpdatedNovember2014The day consisted of afootball tournamentbetween Mtwapa sportsclub, Greenland footballclub, Sunset footballclub and MtomondoniFootball club .Bringing local areasChildrens playTug o warGoodie bagsMother +baby sessionsEntertainmentOn offerFootballGym sessionsEvent attendance2,000local people, including1,000childrentogether thus creating community cohesion as well as encouraging familiesto enjoy the day together, is well recognised as an important aspect of familyhealth and wellbeing. Each team was presented with bhr charity trophies.These were presented by Tina and the senior official.Tina LeslieKenyaHealth 7. i Volunteer LeedsLaunchedNovember2014UpdatedNovember2014There was a childrens play tent where children could decorate a large buntinfor their school , they were free to express in pictures or words their thoughtsabout health and family life.Men from a local Gym attended to hold an outdoor gym area where manychildren enjoyed experiencing sporting activities for the first time ,forexample boxing, skipping and fit ball. A tug of war was held which wasenjoyed by all.The children who participated were given a, goody bag to take home whichincluded donated items such as toothpaste, toothbrush, combs and pencils.Tina LeslieKenyaHealth 8. i Volunteer LeedsLaunchedNovemberTina LeslieKenyaHealth2014UpdatedNovember2014The Mother and baby tent saw Anita give antenatal and postnatal checks andadvice.She had to hold an outreach antenatal clinic the next day, as there were toomany women attending and not enough time to see them all, many wereturned away.In attendance100women +60childrenMany problems encountered were minor ailments which had progressedinto conditions which are avoided by regular antenatal checks. Women weregiven advice about care in pregnancy and attending for tests, preventionof the minor conditions in pregnancy which can escalate into majorproblems, sexual health and contraception, as well as many social problems,particularly lack of money for food and clean water were discussed. 9. i Volunteer LeedsLaunchedNovember2014UpdatedNovember2014Many women die in Kenya frompreventable conditions anddelivering at home without a trainedprofessional attending, so increasingaccess to local health services isessential. A lady came with a verydisabled little boy and a home visitto take food and cleaning items wasarranged for the next day.All these women were given freedonated items such as bras,combs, babyclothes, ,toothbrush and pasteetc.Free condoms andsanitary towelswere also madeavailable.Referral for further checks30women7babies to beseen by a doctorTina LeslieKenyaHealth 10. i Volunteer LeedsLaunchedNovember2014UpdatedNovember2014Free entertainment by local dancers and local acrobats was thoroughlyenjoyed by all. Throughout the day food tokens were given to participants ofthe events. These were mainly children who were then able to get a free mealand it was estimated that 1000 people were given food. This food was madeby a small group of local women who had worked tirelessly for two days, toensure the children would be fed.The local Gym also provided security for the whole event which was a crucialas it became obvious this number of people would be a challenge for us..In total our team of 23 people managed what was a spectacular event forall. Feedback since the event has been overwhelming.Tina LeslieKenyaHealth 11. i Volunteer LeedsLaunchedNovemberTina LeslieKenyaHealth2014UpdatedNovember2014SO, WHAT CAN OUR10 ALLOCATED HOURS HELPYOU TO DO ASA VOLUNTEER?LOTS, ANDLOTS, AND LOTS, ANDLOTS, AND LOTS, AND LOTS,AND LOTS, AND LOTS, ANDLOTS, AND LOTS!