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  • 1. Good Philosophy

2. Always try to help a friend in need. 3. Believe in yourself. 4. BE BRAVE!.... 5. but remember... it's OK to be afraid sometimes. 6. Give lots of kisses. 7. Don't be overly concerned with your weight,it's just a number! 8. Meet new people, even if they look different to you. 9. Remain Calm... 10. even if it seems rather hopeless! 11. Take a nap if you need one.. 12. Have a good sense of humor and laugh often! 13. Love your friends, no matter who they are. 14. Don't waste food. 15. Take an occasional risk. 16. RELAX... EVEN, ON THOSE STRESSFUL DAYS!! 17. Try to have a little fun each day... 18.'s important, no matter what... 19. to work together as a team, 20. share a joke with your friends and neighbors, 21. and fall in love with someone special... 22. Say "I love you" often. 23. Express yourself creatively. 24. Always be up for surprises. 25. Share with a friend. 26. Remember the saying, Good things happen to good people! 27. There is always someone who loves you more than you know. 28. Exercise a little each day! 29. Live up to your name. 30. Hold on to good friends; they are few and far between! 31. And remember, this friend is thinking about you. Have a wonderful day!