Smthing 2 Make U Smile [From Www. ]

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  • 1. Animals Are Really People In Disguise . . .

2. What part of quiet didnt you understand?? 3. Everyone needs to feel secure 4. Couldnt help it Ma, the first step is a killer 5. Now, what do I do??? 6. Its in there somewhere,I just know it!!! 7. Really need to get going, but just cant seem to get motivated 8. Man Im gettingso fat I cant hardly scratch my own butt!! 9. These morning walks are killing me 10. Have you smiled today ??? It is done by moving the corners of the mouth upward. Let me show you how 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Now pass it on, and make someone else SMILE!!! 17. Just In case Nobody Has Smiled At You Today END