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  1. 1. Trust your Patient-Driven eData with PHTeDiaries &ConnectedHealthAnne Pelz,Manager, Product Management,PHTPrepared for MassTLC ConnectedHealth Seminar 07 May 2013
  2. 2. 22eDiary Technology in Clinical Trials
  3. 3. 33Early Days of eDiaries in Clinical Trials
  4. 4. 44ePRO-Generated Email Alerts IncreasedSymptom Control in Oncology2011, J Clin Oncol., 29:994Study DesignRandomized trial (n=100) with lung cancer and metastasis using automated phone systemPatients had received a cancer-related thoracotomy (highly symptomatic first few post-op wks)Email alerts were sent to clinical team if specific symptoms crossed a threshold2 groups (Control group no email alerts) and intervention group (email alerts) (4 wk trial)Results11% decrease in severe symptoms in the email alerts group, with high overall systemsatisfaction84% of clinicians responded to the email alerts within 24 hoursConclusionsClinicians integrated alerts into clinical workflows, and doing so improved symptom control
  5. 5. 55ePRO-Generated Email Alerts IncreasedSymptom Control in Oncology2011, J Clin Oncol., 29:994Pain 5628DistressShortnessof BreathDisturbed SleepConstipation
  6. 6. 66Higher Compliance with More Clinician Review74% 76%81%91%50%60%70%80%90%100%Daily Diary Twice Daily DiaryDiariesCompleted(%ofexpecteddiaries)Limited ReportUseSignificant ReportUsage
  7. 7. 77Glucose readings logbook