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  • 1. Re-Branding Hemp for the Nutraceutical Market CanterpeneAs a Healthspan Extension Supplement Presented by:Morris Johnson , CTO And Terry Grossman , M.D., Med Dir Lifespan Pharma Inc. To CHTA Conference , Nov 16, 2010 Winnipeg , Manitoba


  • I would like to introduce Myself , the Founder of Lifespan Pharma Inc. and Doctor Terry Grossmanour Medical Director,
  • We would like to tell you whyRe-Branding Hemp as Canterpene makes sense for theNatural Health Product/DSHEAFood Supplement markets

3. CANTERPENE? The Canadian source of Terpenes Cannabis builds molecules Using Isoprene sub-units We link Canadian Cannabis With the message Extend Health-span And Life-span Naturally With cannabis chemistry 4.

  • 35 years ago Rapeseed faced the same challenge asCannabis Hemp
  • How to rebrand something associated with a machine oil that was too toxic for humans to consume
  • Low Erucic Acid Rapeseed(LEAR)?
  • CANadian source of OLeic Acid
  • Became CANOLA
  • A safe, nutritious, multi-purpose human and animal food ingredient

5. Hemp,beyond the oil and meal/ food marketHas An Identity Crisis In the minds of a large portion of the population 6.

  • When you google hemp you get a large number of POT hits
  • Purveyors of recreational and medicinal marijuana use hemp indiscriminately when speaking about marijuana

7. What can be done? A Canadian Product Example Demonstrates the Problem: Consumer confusion? Insoluble conundrum? Solutions: Litigate? Regulate? Educate? Ignore? 8.

  • Some hemp manufacturerswant to capitalize on the sciencewhich has popularized the termMedical Marijuana
  • After much consideration we concluded none of the above solutions are practical or cost effective
  • We chose a better ideaRE-BRAND

9. Canterpene as a lifespan enhancement tool? A lot of hype over Many new discoveries How does canterpene stack up? 10.

  • Is there science to support Canterpeneas a food supplement which can find a niche alongside the likes of resveratrol, TA-65 and Stem Cell therapeutics?

11. Canterpene captures everything that other conventional hemp supplements have ignored 12.

  • Canterpene is more than just oil and meal
  • It is a consolidation of varietal specific chemistry

13. Aging as a disease? Manydiseases have become associated with being a Baby-Boomer 14.

  • Science has linked numerous Cannabis compounds captured in Canterpene with beneficial effects on the diseases resulting fromnormal aging

15. So doesnt that make Canterpene medical Marijuana? We have set down in a patent that Canterpene is aproprietary formulation of Milled Hempseed 16.

  • Good science without a method to commercialize it will not benefit onyone

17. Now for Dr. Grossmans Presentation

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