9 Ways To Overcome Laziness & Procrastination

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Real Estate Coach Josh Cantwell tells you how to get more done in less time. Here are nine specific things you can implement immediately into your real estate investing business to accomplish more in less time. Watch as Josh Cantwell from Strategic Real Estate Coach reveals 9 things he uses everyday in his real estate investing business.


  • 1.Here are 9 easy steps that canbe implemented immediately tohelp you get more done for yourbusiness in less time.

2. #1 GET AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER Find someone (maybe a spouse or friend) who understands yourgoals and wants you to succeed. Tell them your deadlines, dreams, and goals so they may keepyou accountable. Sometimes just having someone else there will keep you focused. 3. #2 ACER- ABSOLUTE CLARITY OF THE END RESULTIf youre starting ANYTHING new, you need to have in mind EXACTLY what it is youre trying to accomplish.When starting anything new, always keep the end result in mind. Write it down! Set deadlines!Look at your end result daily to remind you why youre doing whatyoure doing, and why youre in this business in the first place. 4. #3 TAKE ONE STEP FORWARDDo Something! A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.Trying to Learn everything before you begin is the WRONGapproach. Its great to be a lifetime learner. Learn new things every day dont forget to Implement! then repeat! JUST GET STARTED 5. #4 DO IT IMPERFECTLY Take one step. Its probably going to be imperfect. Thats OKAY! If youre doing something new, remember not to stress over theimperfection. An imperfect step is still a step. It gets you closer to your goal. 6. #5 STUDY UNDER A MENTOR Mentors can be people, books, tapes, etc. I have mentors in the business world, and in my personal life. My dad is my biggest mentor. Get a mentor for every aspect of your life. Find people who have been there and done that. 7. #6 R&D When I hear R&D I think Rip Off And Duplicate. Rip off and duplicate what you see and hear (from SREC and fromother places) to make yourself more successful. Dont reinvent the wheel. Some of the most successful products on the market are just onesimple step above what youve already seen. The iPad wasnt the first tablet, it was just the best. Take other ideas and make them better! 8. #7 MASTERMIND You must surround yourself with other successful people who aredoing the same thing as you! Work with other people to accomplish a similar goal. Sometimes sharing the exact same idea in the exact samemarket allows both parties to take their business to a higherlevel. Set aside time for mastermind groups. 3 people minimum. 2 people can easily get stuck on an idea. We need 3 to keep thoughts flowing. 9. #8 ALLOW YOURSELF A FUN REWARD Set a project, set a goal, then set a reward. This goes right along with #2. When discovering your end result, make sure to include a reward. Take yourself out, buy yourself something. Set this reward in advance. It will become a motivation through the difficult times. 10. #9 CELEBRATEOnce youve completed steps 1-8, its time to celebrate!Take a small break from your next project. Beginning something new right away can lead to burnout.Have a party with the people in your mastermind group and allyour mentors! 11. For more information on Josh Cantwell, please visitJoshCantwellCoaching.com


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