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Sustainable Livelihood Program

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  • 1. Sustainable Livelihood Program FOOD, AGRIBUSINESS, TOURISM

2. Mahalin, Pagkaing Atin seeding prosperity among our partner communities 3. Mahalin, Pagkaing Atin 1.Food Sustainability 2.Entrepreneurship and Livelihood 3.Pride of Place and Product -expertise and artistry in homegrown farms to elevate perception their products and uplift the dignity of the communities behind it 4. Mahalin, Pagkaing Atin business to business campaign DSWD as the top-of-mind and preferred CSR for corporations and partner- implementer for other government agencies Value-added of DSWD: holistic approach to development 5. FOOD, AGRIBUSINESS, AND TOURISM MODELS 6. NCR: Human Resources and heritage tourism in Intramuros 7. Region I: Danggit production of the Santiago Island SEA-K Workers' Association of Bolinao (or SISWAB) 8. Region I: Pangasinan boneless bangus 9. Region II: Organic vegetable production in San Mateo, Isabela as part of the commodity cluster strategy; supplies for the Supplementary Feeding Program 10. Region II: Cassava production 11. Region III: Suman 12. Region IV-A: Ube production through consolidator units and supplying to Global Food Solutions, Inc. 13. Region IV-B: Culture and Heritage Tours: Mangrove tours Cuyonon tours Homestay program, pangko, business development boot camp 14. Region IV-B: Taytay, Palawan cashew processing 15. Region VII: Dairy farmers, also SLP participants in Ubay, Bohol are organized into cooperatives for the production of various milk products 16. Region VIII: Cash-for-building livelihood assets for survivors of super-typhoon 17. Region IX: National Greening Program, in partnership with the DENR 18. Region X: Camiguin 19. Regions CAR, III, V, VI, XI: Vegetable production in partnership with SM Foundation, Inc. for the Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan Farmers Training 20. Regions CAR, III, V, VI, XI: Today, there are farmers who now supply vegetables to Day Care Centers for the Supplementary Feeding program 21. Livelihood and Employment Caravans 1.Dignity in the Workforce 2.Strategic Business Partner 1.Greater Employment Opportunities 1.Poverty Alleviation 2.Better Business 3.Innovation 22. Tentative line-up of events Launch Manila launch Ormoc, Leyte Mindanao Koronadal Zamboanga Luzon Puerto Galera Bicol National Social Innovation August (3rd week) September 2014 October 2014 February 2015 23. DSWD-DOT Partnership The DSWD can help translate the NTDP into a Community Driven Eco-Tourism Development Plan to ensure inclusive economic growth, through the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP). 24. { Inclusive Tourism } Destination Communities Supplier Communities 25. 1. Ermita and Intramuros, Manila (NCR) 1. Northern Panay Peninsula (Region VI) 1. Daraga, Albay (Region V) 2. Ubay, Bohol (Region VII) 3. Davao City and Environs, Davao (Region XI) 26. stories and features of families and communities whom we can interact and work with individuals, families, groups, communities whose lives have significantly changed because of DSWD programs What do we want to share? 27. CLARIFYING TERMINOLOGIES 28. SEA-K Program SUSTAINAB LE LIVELIHOO D PROGRAM 29. beneficiaries member- families program participants 30. SEA-K/ loan seed capital assistance 31. SHIFTING FOCUS 32. instead of SEA- K/funding/loans capacity building financial literacy savings skills training employability economic mobility empowerment 33. poverty reduction SEEDING and SPREADING PROSPERITY 34. WHAT CAN YOU DO? 35. TAKE PHOTOS 36. SHARE STORIES 37. Lindsey Parry, Founder and Designer of 4Love Clothing 38. I wanted to share the inspiration behind the clothing line, 4Love, that I created. 4Love was born out of a heart-wrenching book that would forever change the course of my life Half the Sky - by Kristof and WuDunn. With each page that I read, I knew I wanted to find a way to empower women. I wanted to give women a greater voice so they could make decisions that benefit them and their family. I wanted to give them an opportunity to learn how to read, to learn how to write and give them the feeling of self-worth! According to the Chinese proverb, women hold up half the sky; women are the solution to breaking the cycle of poverty not the problem and I wanted to play a role in this growing revolution. 39. In 2011, I moved to the Republic of Panama to create Sowing Seeds of Love {SSOL}, a Christian non-profit organization focused on empowering indigenous women and children through education, creative arts, reading programs, and team sports. During my first year of running SSOL, I had the opportunity to increase my understanding of the local culture, advance my Spanish speaking skills, build relationships and establish credibility within the community. All of this helped to create the perfect foundation to move forward with the seed of an idea that God had planted in my heart after arriving in the Republic of Panama. This idea would later become 4Love 40. Nivia is twenty-four years old and has two children Mayra (9) and Saul (2) with Septimo. Nivia was actually the first woman that we employed with 4Love and she has been an absolute gift! From the moment my sister, Katie, and I met her, we knew we had found someone special. Her work ethic and enthusiasm to learn and try new things never ceases to amaze me. It has been an honor to have her as a part of our team of women. 41. It was in witnessing her husband, Septimos, response to our excitement to Nivias first dress that I knew 4Love had the ability to not only transform these womens lives through a sustainable income, but through the new light with which their husbands viewed them. Septimo lit up with pride when we praised Nivia for her work. It was a priceless moment that lives in my heart. 42. Danggit, Taguan, and little stories of Bolinao 43. Just when you thought youre in the business of changing peoples lives, you realize how immaterial your efforts are versus theirs, who are really in control of crafting their own stories. 44. I thought I would write about poverty, but theirs was a different story, he shares. Theirs is a story of smiles, laughter, and childlike ways, quips Rex.