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MenEngage Symposium 2014

Men Engage Global Symposium 2014

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MenEngage, a global alliance of organizations working with men and boys for gender equality is organizing the Second Global Symposium on working with Men and Boys in Delhi in November 2014. This Symposium will bring together researchers and practitioners, advocates and activists, government representatives and the donor community to share experiences, evidence and insights and seek directions on how men and boys can creatively contribute to gender equality, the new development paradigm beyond the MDG framework, and towards the broader vision of social justice.

Text of Men Engage Global Symposium 2014

  • MenEngage Symposium 2014
  • India Habitat Centre New Delhi November 10-13 The Symposium aims to engage men and boys for gender equality so that society becomes more caring and non- violent and gender relations become more harmonious, equitable and people lead fuller and richer lives.
  • Photo Credit: Anne-Mette Jensen The cultures we live in today are full of stereotyped and outdated rules and norms about men and women. Join us as we go through a process of unlearning and understanding how men behave.
  • We aim for: Share knowledge and practices on working with men on gender issues Discuss partnership with womens rights work and other social justice work Develop positions on need to work with men and boys Mobilise men and boys in across the globe on understanding mens roles in gender based violence Channel collective energies in creating and sustaining the momentum for change for the next 5 years Collective energy Partnership Knowledge
  • Multiple themes for engagement Health and wellbeing Poverty and work Care relationships and emotions Sexualities & identities Peace building, social justice & inclusion Violence Making of men
  • Health and wellbeing Exploring research and action into understanding and addressing men in different health related domains, including women and mens wellbeing. Making of men Exploring the different ways in which boys are socialised into men and the multiple influences, both traditional and modern, on this process. Poverty and work Examine the intersection of changes in work and employment on mens self concept, relationships with women and with other men and their actions.
  • Care relationships and emotions Looking at new research, policy approaches and activism that seeks to increase mens and boys care-giving, caring and emotional connections, both for gender equality, but also with benefits for childrens wellbeing and mens own health and wellbeing, as well as societal benefits. Sexualities & identities Exploring the diversities that exist in the world of men and masculinities and how a better understanding of these diversities may lead to changes in gender power relations and greater social inclusion and solidarity.
  • Peace building, social justice & inclusion This theme is intended to explore how such efforts address masculinism and patriarchy and create opportunities for social solidarity and emancipatory praxis in the context of globalization. Violence This theme is aimed at understanding how violence-prone masculine identities are manifested, constructed and disseminated, the role of institutional structures and allied practices, as well as possibilities of reforming and projecting non-violent models of masculinity.
  • 100 breakout sessions500 participants Interactive Events We are expecting 500 to 700 delegates around the world
  • MenEngage MenEngage is an alliance of NGOs working together with men and boys to promote gender sensitization. Our members advocate around a number of key issues where gender directly affects the lives of women and men. CHSJ Centre For Health and Social Justice strenghtens the claims of citizens health rights promised in the Constitution and through international human rights treaties. Hosted by:
  • The journey Beijing Engaging men United Nations 4th World Conference on Women. 1995 2009 2014 Rio Scaling up Held under aegis of MenEngage and condemned culture of violence across genders. Delhi Universalizing the process 2nd MenEngage global Symposium - men and boys for gender justice.
  • Key Takeaways Universalize the gender empowerment process by engaging diverse stakeholders Strengthen dialogue with hard-to- reach communities & extended the outreach amongst the youth Support local legislative bodies to promote gender in public spaces Promote gender sensitivity in the media and the private sector
  • Partners SIDA NORAD UNFPA MacArthur Foundation SwissAid AJWS Oak Foundation UN Women Packard Foundation
  • Friends Add Name Here Add Name Here Add Name Here Add Name Here Add Name Here m4id.fi Add Name Here Add Name Here Add Name Here
  • +91 11 26511425 Sagolsem Pavel | Mr. pav[email protected] Twitter.com/menengage Facebook.com/menengage Contact us www.menengagedilli2014.net
  • Develop & consolidate knowledgeIdentify new strategies Mobilize men and boys Further discussion & dialogue Partnership with womens rights groups Secure commitments to action
  • Join Us! New Delhi November 10-13