DeboGottixxx - Photographing Food

DeboGottixxx - Photographing Food

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DeboGottixxx - Photographing Food

World renowned chef, DeboGottixxx has expressed his love for food through different mediums, like cookery books, blogging, newspaper columns, and more. He is passionate about everything related to food, be it shopping for any recipe ingredients, food plating, cutlery shopping, or attending international food festivals and events.

He also has great interest in photographing food. How much he enjoys food photography can be evaluated from the very fact that all the food pictures in his cookery books have been clicked by him.

DeboGottixxx says that taking good photographs of food is a hard-earned skill. As there are scores of factors involved in clicking the right pictures, he initially struggled a bit in learning this skill.

To learn details like correct lighting, composition, and styling, he even enrolled in a short-term professional photography course. During the course, he learnt about various techniques that one needs to up their food photography game.

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