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The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

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The one that changes in the midlle O_o

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Hi everybody! (if there is anybody :D)I’m back after absolutely friggin’ ages! But I’ve had a tonne of work (actually I probably still do) and I’ve been on holiday not once but TWICE. Once with my school and once with my family. But The Marmites are back and (I know I say this a lot) things are hopefully going to get a lot better. Halfway through this story the narrative style changes completely. I’m probably going to keep it like that from now on as it enables me to write better but all suggestions are welcome. It’s quite long this one so make yourself a cuppa before you start. ;)

Page 3: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

There’s just enough time for Fiyero, Fion, Frodo and their cousins to attend the twins’ b’day party before they leave for University.

And I mean JUST enough, it was a last minute thing held at 3 am hence the boys’ outfits.

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Both of the twins rolled Knowledge which suits them perfectly. What’s it like to be a teenager Firenze?...Firenze?“Oh! Sorry. Damn those wrackspurts, one flew into my ear and made my head go all fuzzy! What were you saying?”Oh it doesn’t matter. Where’s Farnsworth?“Oh, I’d steer clear of her for a bit if I were you. She’s having some trouble with her inventions...”

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“URGH! Another failure! I don’t understand why the system won’t-unless... Yes, maybe if...”

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Angry dome Daphne?“Oh yes, she installed it around last May. It’s right above the bathroom, really quite a nice place to sit and read- that is if you can get in there on your own and not when she’s-”*Loud crashing and cursing*“I think I’ll send Firenze to check on her...”

“Is there anything I can do sweetheart?”“I highly doubt it Mum. If I can just... ARGH! It’s useless! If anyone wants me I’ll be in the angry dome!” *storms out*

Page 7: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

It’s probably a good idea; the twins are inseparable and Firenze’s extensive although entirely Quibbler based knowledge is often the catalyst of Farnsworth’s breakthroughs.

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Grim? Oh no. Not Dobby?! Already?YES I’M AFRAID SO.But she’s on perma-plat. Where’s your flower garland and the hula dancers?OH RIGHT , THAT. ARE THEY REALLY THAT IMPORTANT? THAT GARLAND IS HORRIBLY ITCHY AND THOSE HULA ZOMBIES GET SO IRRITATING. ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. MINDLESS BABBLE. “I’M FAT.” “NO I’M FAT.” THEY HAVEN’T EVEN EATEN IN CENTURIES!They’re very important and Dobby deserves the whole shibang. How selfish of you!OH, OKAY. I’M SORRY. IT’S NOT AN EASY JOB AND SOMETIMES IT GETS SO...I DID BRING THE BISCUITS.Good. You see? It’s all about service. Biscuits, flowers, hula dancers. That’s what you need when you die.

Page 9: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

NO, SHE’S OVER HERE. -SORRY ABOUT THIS-. OVER HERE YOU ZOMBIE BIMBO. *SIGH* WOULD YOU CARE FOR A BISCUIT?“Dobby just ate thank you”ARE YOU SURE? MOST PEOPLE FIND IT EASES THE TRANSITION.“Dobby is ok thanks Grim. Death doesn’t scare her much. Christopher Robin is waiting for Dobby; Dobby must hurry.RIGHT THEN...YOU’RE SURE YOU’RE OK? I CAN’T TEMPT YOU TO A DAQUIRI?“Dobby can make room for one of those!”

Page 10: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

And so we say goodbye to Dobby Marmite, daughter of Cobweb and Alice, mother of Elendil, Elijah, Elphaba and Eeyore and wife of Christopher Robin before he was tragically eaten by Binky the cowplant . And though his shocking death not only messed Dobby up so much that she spoke in 3rd person ever after but also caused Elphaba to become so obsessed with resurrection that she joined a magical cult, made a deal with Death himself and was forced to flee from Gotham, I’m sure CR and Dobby are having a blast up there, looking back and laughing. ...

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---Firenze presents: the 5 stages of grief---

1. Denial “She can’t be dead! It’s all lies! It’s some

crazy conspiracy and everyone’s in on it except me!”

2. Anger“Why didn’t you tell me you were going to die today. I mean I watched Titanic today! I never would have done that if I had known! Talk about being emotionally vulnerable!

Page 12: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

3. Bargaining“hey, disembodied voice? Uncle Casper came back from the dead right? What’s it gonna take to make that happen? I’ll do anything. I’ll max my skills, raise 20 puppies, I’ll marry into the Spiderpig family for God’s sake!”

4. Depression“WAAAAAA! Why is life so cruel? Why oh why oh why?!”

Page 13: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

5. AcceptanceSo, are you okay now Firenze?“hm? Oh yeah! I mean it sucks ‘n’ all but there’s el zilcho that I can so to change it.

“So I’m just scanning the waves right now. I figure she’d want me to continue unearthing the Goopy conspiracy. Ten years ago there was this crazy ass ‘lightening storm’ –or that’s what they want us to think- and suddenly all of Gotham’s cats went missing and the racoon population skyrocketed. All the cats turned up after about 5 weeks, all highly traumatised. Anyway, so that Goopy dude, he shows up in town that very day and there’s no record of him ANYWHERE earlier on then that. Every 3 months 30,000 simoleans go into Goopy’s bank account from a mysterious source known as MarvelMax. Of course it’s hard to find hard evidence. Most of the cats don’t want to talk about it and those racoons are shifty devils. So...”

Page 14: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

Yeah... So basically Firenze has resolved to continue the Quibbler inspired pursuits that his Grandmother always encouraged. So he’s still:

•Hunting for nargles “Nope. Nothing.”

• UFO spotting“Nothing...nothing...noth- Wait! What was that? Oh, nothing...

Page 15: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

•Protecting the garden from Gulping Plimpies“let’s see you get through this! Hehehe...”

•Setting Crumple-Horned-Snorkack traps.“Mwhahaha. I can see the headlines now: Firenze Marmite captures elusive beast...

Page 16: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

And of course, continuing to read his beloved magazines. The Quibbler, The Paranoid Press, UFO spotting for the modern teen...“Oooo, super intelligent ant workers...”

Page 17: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

It’s time to catch up on the older kids although we won’t see much of them this time.

Page 18: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

Screaming Lord Thomas, Wee Dangerous Spike and Billie Joe were essential because they’re members of ‘Troll in the Dungeon’ but I didn’t want to leave Lovely Little Liam out so I brought him along too. Back to the legacy kids I think.

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Fion! How’s student life?“Whoodiya ken ya daft lass!? Crivens! I cannae believe t’amoont o’liquor! Ach! I can see some more! Fion wha hae! Okay, don’t forget to actually study as well as- ah what’s the point.

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Her twin Frodo seems to be paying slightly more attention to his work but only because he can’t handle his drink as well as Fion- and no one likes waking up in a skip.

Page 21: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

So are you glad you followed your Dad’s advice in the end Fiyero?

“Oh definitely! We’ve got 5 gigs in the next week! They really like their music here. “How’s Ariel doing?“Oh she loves it! She really enjoys her work and... well... Don’t tell anyone but I think I’m going to propose soon.”EEE! WOWZA! (she is my simself’s daughter, even if it is the simself that I’m not that keen on.)

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How about you Ysabell?“Oh, it’s good I guess. But-”Go on.“I just feel so lost sometimes. I don’t even know who I am. I’m really grateful that Elendil and Daphne took me in, but I don’t feel like I belong here. Sometimes people look at me like- like I’m not even human and sometimes I don’t feel that I ...I can’t help thinking about what Kennedy said: “we’re your family too” Well be careful. That Kennedy Cox has been tied up in some very questionable things in his time.

Page 23: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“Oh what will it take for this thing to work?! The hard drive just can’t seem to cope with the load. I need to find another way to...”

Page 24: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

Meanwhile...“Jinkies! It’s just how it looked in The Quibbler! Ha! And Mum says mail order schemes are a scam! Just 300 simoleans later and here you are my pretties!

“We sure showed her didn’t we? Skeeblesklop sklimshickleslop-”But this noise was too distracting for Farnsworth.“God damn it Firenze! What are those noises you’re making?”

Page 25: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“With their freakish size:strength ratio and happy work ethic they’ll be unstoppable!”“What exactly are they...building?”

“The ant farm came with a simlish to ant dictionary and I figure I can maximise efficiency if I am able to communicate with my workers.”

Page 26: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“As of yet...nothing. I’m yet to find a project that interests them. They didn’t want to build tiny ships inside bottles; it’s beneath them apparently. I can’t find anything that really stretches them.”“Eureka! If your invertebrate friends are willing, I have a job offer for them that solves all of our problems!”

“Okey dokey! I’ll ask them. Ahem.Skilopdeppledoopdeepdooskopopadom...”

Page 27: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

And so a revolution was born. Farnsworth created the Pratchett Processor, better known as: the Anthill Inside Processor and at the age of just 16 she became known as one of Gotham’s most promising scientists and engineers.

Something for the Terry Pratchett fans who may or may not be reading.

Page 28: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

Soon her creations had revolutionised the Marmite home and countless others too. With numerous scholarships under her belt Farnsworth was ready to leave for Uni to work on far bigger projects.

Oh, and the ants were happy. (they had dental)

Page 29: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“hey disembodied voice guess what?What Lendy? What? I must know!“it’s my birthday!

Surely not! I remember when you were just an ickle pickle toddler jiving away on the floor. *sniff*“Weird huh? But here goes!”

Page 30: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

And here he is! He’s no longer a fiery redhead but a silver fox! His twin Elijah seems to be so happy that he’s still young that he’s...embarrassed himself.

Page 31: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

Never fear though! That’s why we have robots. Enjoy your autumn years Elendil.

Page 32: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

To continue our story, we move to a dark, seedy looking pub in downtown Gotham. It’s a hard place to find and you might not even spot it if you were just strolling by. Some even say that it cannot be found, except by those who already know where it is. But that’s surely ridiculous...

Page 33: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

He did not trust Kennedy and enjoyed his company even less but he was a powerful vamp. Mort wasn’t sure if he was the vampire chief of police or the chief of the vampire police but either way, it would not be wise to cross him. He could stir up trouble with a flutter of his wings and Mort’s job was difficult enough as it was.

A darkly clad stranger strode purposefully into the pub. His raven hair matched his apparel perfectly and contrasted brilliantly with the pallor of his skin. “Mort!” came a voice. The man continued to make his way across the room as though he had not heard the vampire at the bar call him.“Mort Sto-Helit! Over here! Come and have a drink.”Mort sighed and made his way over to Kennedy Cox, reluctance detracting nothing from powerful air that he conducted himself with.

Page 34: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“Yes” sighed Kennedy “it was a nasty business that. Still no luck?”“No. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that would you?” Mort knew for a fact that he did.“Me?” Kennedy gasped. “No! But if I here anything-”“you’ll let me know. Yeah, sure. Thanks.” Kennedy had helped Mort out more times than he could remember but he was a tricky character and very good at double crossing you without breaking any promises or leaving any evidence.

“If I didn’t know better I’d have said you were trying to avoid me Mort.” laughed Kennedy. “Not at all. But I’ve got a lot on my mind lately. Y’know, the Burgenville killings and then the abductions of those 3 were-cubs.” Mort replied in a tired voice. He and his colleagues were at a loss as to what to do. They had their suspicions but couldn’t prove anything.

Page 35: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“But I might be able to help you in another way?” Kennedy’s red eyes glinted in the dim candlelight and his fangs protruded from a mischievous smile. It was Kennedy’s playful nature that made him so notorious. He was like a thousand year old, psychotic, ingenious, bloodsucking child. It was all a game to him and the rules (if there were any) were constantly changing. Impetuous and the King of crazy whims, he might prove a valuable friend- so long as you didn’t fall out of his favour and he didn’t get bored of you.

“Go on.” “There’s this girl-”“I am not letting you set me up with one of your crazy vampire sluts.”Kennedy giggled. “No! You silly boy! That’s not what I meant. You need a partner; this job’s getting too dangerous to be done alone. Now she’s not trained but she has phenomenal potential. A real diamond in the rough. I’m meeting her here any time now and”

Page 36: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

Mort had heard enough. “ I do NOT need a partner. I’m good at my job and I don’t need help. Raziel said that I’m the best that he’s-”

Page 37: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“And I’m not arguing with you.” interupted Kennedy. “But things are only going to get more dangerous from now on. The very veils of our world are weakening and soon you’ll have even more downworlders to deal with.”

“Well I can handle it okay? If I decide that I need help I’ll know where to find it won’t I? Besides, I haven’t got time to train some rookie who can’t tell a nyad from a dryad.”

Page 38: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“This chick isn’t just some rookie Mort!” he insisted. “I’ve never seen anything like it. Such power...”“Sure.”“I’m serious! She’s Elphaba’s daughter. As in THE Elphaba.”“Big deal.”“Don’t say that.” Ken’s tone had become harsher; never a good sign. “That Elphaba was really something. Who knows what she could have done if she hadn’t got mixed up in all that stuff.”

“I don’t care who her Mummy is!” Kennedy’s resilience was starting to aggravate Mort. “I still don’t need help! I just-”He was interrupted by a yowl of discomfort as a werewolf transformed behind him.

Page 39: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“Well ok then. But I really think that if you would just-”“Save it Ken.” And with that Mort got up and made his way to the bathroom, leaving Kennedy at the bar, waiting for the girl’s arrival.

Page 40: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“Mort baby! How’s it shakin’? “ Zombie Tom was the owner of The Leaky Cauldron but spent more time grooving with his customers than he did serving them. Mort ignored him and walked straight past as the werewolf approached Tom from behind grumbling and snarling to herself.

Page 41: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“hey Mort what’s with the angst? How about you come back here and give ol’Tom a smile eh?”“How ‘bout you get back behind the bar and do your job for a change and I’ll pretend not to notice the illegal armadillo fighting ring you’ve got out back?” Mort shouted back coolly as he stormed into the bathroom.

Page 42: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“Dang! That boy’s got some serious emotional issues.” “Zombie Tom!” growled the werewolf. “This butterbeer was spiked with gurdyroots! The full moon isn’t for 3 nights and look at me!”

Page 43: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

Outside the pub stood a very concerned Ysabell. This was it sure enough, The Leaky Cauldron.

Page 44: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

But Kennedy had said that this was a place where she could truly be herself- and she was slightly offended by the dingy pub.“This is it? Really?” she asked aloud to no one in particular.

Page 45: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“hey! Watch your mouth missy!”Ysabell jumped back in alarm as one of the gargoyles framing the doorway reprimanded her in a sharp, nasal voice.“yeah! And who are you anyway?” questioned the other, making her jump once more. “A Shady brat?”

“Nah!” said the first “She’s one of them Vilas or a – wait a second! She’s a-”“Um, Kennedy Cox is meeting me here.” Ysabell interjected nervously. “Oh!” cooed the gargoyles. “Step right in then miss.”And, in high apprehension, she did.

Page 46: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“Wow.” breathed Ysabell. She had always been aware of the vampires, werewolves and such- I mean her uncle was a Zombie and she’d grown up with Firenze! But this pub was like nothing she had ever seen before.

Page 47: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

The pub had a far livelier atmosphere than could be guessed from it’s grotty exterior. It was full of zombies, werewolves, plantsims and witches as well as all manner of other creatures, all of whom were kicking back and enjoying themselves; there was not a muggle or a mundane in sight.

Page 48: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

A Brunette witch was entertaining a zombie, who Ysabell presumed must be the owner that Kennedy had told her about, by levitating objects across the room.“OOOH! The candles next!” he squealed.

Page 49: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

Mirth and laughter seemed to ring out across the room and rebound off the walls. A vampire had attracted a large crowd with his disco stud moves whilst a zombie and a witch sneaked glances at him, giggling like schoolgirls. Everyone seemed to be having fun but Ysabell couldn’t see Kennedy anywhere.

Page 50: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

She was debating whether to risk disturbing a troubled looking man who had collapsed onto his table when she finally spied Kennedy having a lively discussion with a warlock in one corner of the room.

Fortunately, their conversation was cut short by a plantsim who wanted the warlock’s opinion on a strange looking stain he had found on the wall paper. Ysabell was then able to rush over to Kennedy.

Page 51: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“Ysabell!” he cried. “I’m glad that you decided to come and meet your real family.”Ysabell shifted uncomfortably in the tight hug she was trapped in and merely mumbled “mmm hmmm”Behind her the plantsim continued his explanation “it’s weird huh? It appeared right after Greg- where’d that vamp go? Greg?”

Page 52: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“Let’s introduce you to some people shall we?”

Page 53: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

And Ysabell went down like free tequilas on a summers day.“...and that was pretty awkward of course, what with the llama and all,” continued Jeff. “But that’s how I became a plantsim.”Ysabell was fascinated by everyone she met, all so interesting, all so...abnormal.

Page 54: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“You’re messing with me. You’re Elphaba’s daughter?!” squealed the warlock.“umm, yeah.” replied Ysabell self-consciously. Her mother had been a member of The Sisterhood of the silver Racoon but had tricked the leader of the sisterhood, humiliated her and had been consequently been run out of Gotham. There had been numerous propaganda campaigns put out against her and she was widely known as ‘the wicked witch of west Gotham’.

“Well that’s just FABULOUS! I simply adore her work. She’s always been an inspiration to me.”“Did you know her?” she inquired hopefully.“No, no, no honey. I’m a member of the brotherhood of the cockerel. We don’t associate with the Racoon nutters. But your mother, there was a true witch. We really must do lunch sometime...”

Page 55: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

But, although she was unaware of it, not everyone had taken to her as kindly. “How can you let that mundie stay Tom? She’s not like us! She doesn’t belong here.” The vampire’s eyes were blazing as he hissed at Zombie Tom.

Page 56: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“I think you’ll find that she does Greg. What a silly sausage you are! And besides, the point of this place is that everyone and anyone is welcome. It’s a sanctuary, a safe haven- with BOOZE and an armadillo ring!” Tom laughed.

“Whatever Tom. If you won’t act, I will.” Greg whispered as he walked away.“Sheesh! What is with everyone tonight? I think some margaritas are in order!” a great cheer went up.

Page 57: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

As Greg snuck off into a dark corner where two other vampires were muttering darkly, Lindsey the witch pounced.“Hey Mort! Get that sweet ass over here and buy your favourite witch a drink.”“Not now Lindsey I’m busy.”“Surely not too busy for me?” she cooed, batting her eyelashes. “You can’t deny that there’s chemistry Mort.”

Page 58: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“Actually yes I can. For the last time, I’m not interested.” This farce had been going on for years and Lindsey just wouldn’t give up. Every time they met it was the same. Lindsey certainly was a popular girl. She hadn’t just been around the block a few times, she’d flown round it on a firebolt a good few dozen times.

Mort had been trying to follow Greg, a very shifty character, but had now lost sight of him thanks to Lindsey.“Why don’t you get yourself home?”he suggested. “you’ve had one too many margaritas.” As Mort walked away Lindsey called out to him. “Is anyone ever going to be good enough for you Mort?”

Page 59: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

Before Mort could reply he was distracted by a strange commotion from outside. “What’s that?” he asked, but no one else had noticed. He resolved to find Greg and keep a close eye on him, if only he knew where he had gone.

Page 60: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

Ysabell had stepped out back for some air (it was a lot to take in all at once) when a venomous voice cried out behind her.

“hey Mundie!” the vampire snarled. Ysabell wheeled around to find the speaker and two other angry looking vampires approaching her, blocking all exit routes.

Page 61: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“What do you think you’re doing here?” demanded the female. “This isn’t a place for mundanes and muggles, it’s for freaks like us.”

Even here, Ysabell was an outcast seemingly.“I’m sorry if I’ve offended you” began Ysabell. “but I’m no sure that I am a ‘mundane’. I think this is where-”

Page 62: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“Where you belong?” mocked the third vampire in an icy voice. “Don’t make me laugh. Is that what you really believe? How pathetic.”Ysabell had had enough. All her life, she had been treated in this way. Singled out, excluded and bullied. She was too much of a freak for ‘normal’ people but apparently too ‘normal’ for the ‘freaks’. No. This place was good. She felt like she belonged here and she would not be driven out.

She thought back to incident of her teen years as the same tingling washed over her skin. But perhaps this time she could use the power that took over her whenever she was forced into such rage. Ysabell felt the energy spread through her in a delicious wave and realised that even if she had wanted to stop it was too late now. She was dimly aware of herself rising into the air as the power swelled within her, bursting to be set free.

Page 63: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

Just like the first time, years ago, dark lines flashed across Ysabell’s right cheek as a sudden, unexplained wind whipped her hair wildly around her. Her attackers stumbled back as her voice deepened into the rumble of thunder and her eyes grew impossibly dark, like two black holes drawing in all light and letting none escape. “AVO THANO RÛTH VI GÛR ALFIRIN!” she roared in a voice like trees torn from their roots by a hurricane. “AVO BEDO. HOLLEN I VEN ”

Page 64: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

The two vampires turned in fear to their leader. “Greg?” the male’s voice trembled as Ysabell began to glow even brighter. “Greg, what do we do?!”The leader’s eyes darted between his friends and Ysabell, the murderous glint in his eyes replaced by terror.“Umm...” he watched as Ysabell rose higher...

Page 65: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

Having put the racket and the mysterious absence of the 3 vamps together, Mort sprinted across the bar and made it through the door way only to be stopped in his tracks by the sight that awaited him.

“DREGO! GURTH A CHYTH-IN-EDHIL.” Ysabell now had no control whatsoever over her actions. She watched her arms lower themselves to her sides.

Page 66: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“GREG?!” screamed the female.“Let’s get out of here!” he cried finally.

They fled, not even wanting to stay long enough to transform into their bat forms. But they didn’t get far.

Page 67: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“where do you think you’re going ?” The vamps skidded to a halt. “I’ve had just about enough of you scumbags.”

Page 68: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“Hey, she didn’t say she was a Shadowhunter!” insisted Greg. “you’re supposed to tell us if you bring a new one onto the patch!”“yeah! Nearly gave me a heart attack she did!” cried the redhead. “Come of it Frank!” sneered the woman. “ Your heart hasn’t beaten since 1957.”

Page 69: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“I don’t think you should be talking about rules Greg, do you?”Greg spat at Mort’s feet but eyed him nervously as he floated before him.“Beat it.” The 3 vampires promptly transformed and fled as fast as their wings would carry them.

Page 70: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

Mort watched them leave and then approached a rather startled looking Ysabell who had descended and returned to her ordinary self. “Nice work.” a crooked smile crept onto his face which, although it was rare, suited him well. “Very impressive.”

Page 71: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“I wasn’t told there was another Shadowhunter on this patch”“What?” Ysabell had no idea what this man was on about. “I’m not a- a-”“A Shadowhunter?” he raised his eyebrows in surprise but soon lowered them in confusion.

“You must be, I saw what happened. Don’t worry. We don’t need to use any cover between us! You can’t hide from your colleagues and God I hope we can still trust each other. Although these days...” he broke off.

Page 72: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“Anyway, what was all that other stuff you did? Y’know, the wind, and your eyes and that voice! What were you saying? Maybe I should go a refresher course... But let’s get you a drink. You seem pretty shaken.”Ysabell couldn’t argue with that part at least.

Page 73: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

As they sat down they were joined by Kennedy who was looking strangely pleased. “Sooo...” he grinned, fangs glinting “You bumped into Ysabell after all then Mort.”“What’s going on?” she asked, highly confused.“you mean she’s the girl you were on about?” he said in disbelief.“mmm hmmm” Kennedy did a brief night fever dance and finished it off with a Fonze thumbs up.

Page 74: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“But you must be a Shadowhunter! You have such incredible power! I’ve never seen anything like it!” he insisted“Told ya so.” chirped Kennedy“Shut it.”“I don’t even know what a Shadowhunter is!” sighed Ysabell. “The power I seem to have I assume I inherited from my mother, or maybe my father too I guess but I don’t know who he is.”Kennedy shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “Why don’t you tell her about your noble profession Mort.” he said quickly.

Page 75: The Marmite alphabetacy 18: A is for

“Shadowhunters are born not made. Normally it runs in families but every so often it occurs randomly. It’s hard to explain. Shadowhunters keep the peace amoung the downworlders.” seeing her confusion he added “er, vampires, werewolves, plantsims, zombies-”“fairies?” she asked“hehe,yeah, fairies too” he laughed.

“We’re not like a police force, we’re by no means in charge, but there are certain treaties and agreements that mean we are given respect.”“Plus they’re badasses with icredible power.”Kennedy added, taking a sip from his violently red cocktail.“yeah, well.” Mort continued “Like I said we basically keep the peace and that involves ordinary folk too.

We have to make sure that they don’t find out anything that would... Unsettle them and wealso keep them safe. We stop vamps and wolves declaring war on each other for example and make sure that mundanes- non occult folk- are protected from more dangerous downworlders. Currently I’m trying to track down a vamp who’s been turning up at student parties and taking advantage of their intoxicated state by draining the kids dry. There’s all sorts of stuff that we do but basically we try to prevent utter chaos.”

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“Well Ken, your work here is done.” he whispered to himself as he stalked towards the door. “Elphie, wherever you are, I’ve done what you asked. She’ll be happy now and I’ve helped Mort out too. I’ve never seen him this relaxed- well, not for some time anyway. You’re such a giver Ken you really are, you spread the love.” he sighed. “Well then” he grinned. “I believe that there are some sorority girls over at Shiz that have gone pretty crazy tonight and they should be nicely out of it by now. Duty calls.” and he vanished into the night.

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Mort had just finished telling Ysabell about the time he had to save a warlock from an angry witch hunter muggle and neither of them had noticed that Kennedy had left. There was silence for a few brief moments. Ysabell’s bag slid onto the floor and as they both reached to grab it, their hands touched. Both pulled away quickly and their was silence for a few more seconds until Mort broke it suddenly.“Join us.” he said, a sparkle of excitement in his dark eyes. “you’re already better suited to the job than most of us.”

Ysabell’s head spun. She’d only just discovered this strange new world and she was being offered such an important job. “I don’t think I’d be very-” she started but Mort broke her off. “Ridiculous. You belong in this world. With us. Like I said, we’re born not made. It’s not safe, but it’s a hell of a ride and you wouldn’t be alone.”“I’d be working with you?”“Well yeah. “he looked away. Ysabell took another look around the pub, her mind buzzing at the very sight of it. “I mean, if you want to. It’s not like you’d need protecting but-”Ysabell took a deep breath. “No, I’d like that.” Mort looked up and smiled. They looked at each other for just a little too long, that extra second that implies so much. Ysabell felt her face flushing. “But I’ve got to finish Uni. My Aunt and Uncle have been so good to me and-”“Of course! I totally understand.” his eyes were shining now. “But we’ll use that time to give you the introduction that you need, controlling your power, getting ready to work together...” he trailed off. It was strange to see such an obviously confident man fidgeting uncomfortably in her presence. She smiled. “well we better get to know each other then! Time for shots I think.”

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It was a strange and highly eventful evening for everyone in The Leaky Cauldron that night and everyone went home happy (not counting the 3 agressive vamps and the disgruntled werewolf) but no one more so than Mort and Ysabell. They both had a feeling that this was the start of something good.

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