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  • 1. THE START (1996 - 2003) Linkin Park began in 1996 as a nu-metal band, mixing rapping andscreaming vocals together. Thismethod made them gain hugesuccess with Multi-platinum sellingdebut album; Hybrid Theory. The follow up, Meteora also soldmillions of copies, meaning thatLinkin Parks blueprint wassuccessful.

2. Collaborations (2004) As a result of this success, the bandteamed up with rapper Jay-Z to createthe micro album Collision Course. 3. What They Looked Like Then Baggy hoodies and trousers,experimental hair colours. Lookaggressive, which indicates their musicstyle. 4. First Change (2005 - 2009) After Mike Shinoda [Rapper] stated:You can shove Nu-Metal up your was clear the band were changingdirection. In Minutes To Midnight, Theband reverted to a more rock influence,but still featured some rap elements. 5. A Slight difference (2009 -2011) A Thousand Suns was also aslight change as the banddelved into more experimentalmusic, and incorporated moreelectronics into their music. Although still successful, thealbum was not well seen byLinkin Park purists. 6. What They Looked Like Loss of baggy clothing, and introduction of slightly smarter shirts.However their scruffy hair and beardssuggest a wildness in their music. 7. Closer to the beginning Lead Vocalist Chester Bennington saidthat the band would return closer totheir roots with the release of their FifthAlbum. He also said that Living Thingswould be essentially what Linkin Parkwanted to do. 8. And Now they look like this Much Smarter, suggesting maturity, notalso in age but in their music style. 9. Conclusion Linkin Park have changed drasticallyduring their career. However, this wasnot through changes in trends, butbecause of changes in ideas. Note that when Linkin Park, the biggestnu-metal band of the early 2000schanged their music, nu-metal rapidlydeclined.