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2. Front Cover
From the front cover, we are able to see that theyhave gone for a street art style effect. This shows that they are looking at selling this to people at a younger age. Also looking at the text, we see that they have also included another artists name, this being Jay-Z. This could also work as another selling point as its also looking at another fan base. What this style also could also suggest is what the music will sound like. This could be a hectic/rough sound on the album.
There is also a label or MTV in the corner. This effective as it appeals to fans of the show. This is effective as many people watch the MTV channel.
3. Track List
We can see that they have put both CD/DVD onto the back cover. This is good as it is an extra selling point to the consumers. They have also kept it simple with everything in order, keeping it simple. Typical codes and conventions are still there. This would be the use of the bar code and the details on the spine of the CD. This is effective because these are essential items found on every digipak and jewel case.
Another feature thats important for a band is the parental advisory waning label. This is important because if the band have not warned buyers, they can be blamed for the influence the music or lyrics have on kids from a young age. This is why this is seen as the age restriction for the music industry.
4. Inside Panel
This inside panel is just used as a filler for the Digipack. It could just be for decoration. This could also just helps show the bands image for the album. It could also show that the band are reckless. This can see on other panels of the Digipack, as they have gone for a graffiti style throughout.
5. Other Inside Panel
This again just shows the same as the previous panel. Its mainly there just for decoration.
6. CD Panel
This is the panel where the CD is placed. They tried to do this a bit differently, as the DVD is used in the normal CD case way.