10 Email Acronyms You Should Know

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1. 10 Email Acronyms You Should Know 2. Two days back my HR emailed me this: 3. Wait a minute What does PRB mean? 4. So that I dont sound Dumb! 5. I searched on the net 6. Whoa! I Was Amazed PRB Please Revert Back 7. Just so that I dont feel dumb again I researched some more email acronyms 8. I Found Plenty Of Email Acronyms!! 9. After hours of prioritizing I narrowed it down to these 10 email acronyms: 10. LET Leaving Early Today When you are in a hurry to leave for the day, this acronym can save your time 11. NRN No Reply Necessary When you want to reduce email conversations and get rid of short replies like ok 12. NMP Not My Problem When you already are busy solving your problems and have no time for someone elses 13. PYR Per Your Request When you have happily fulfilled someone's request 14. TL;DR To Long; Didnt Read When your email is too lengthy to read 15. WFH Work From Home When you are unable to come to office 16. HTH Hope That Helps Used when someone thanks you for the help you provided 17. OOO Out Of Office When you are out of office for a couple of days 18. Some of my own acronyms 19. PBS Please Be Specific When you need to be crisp and clear rather than blabbering non sense 20. UTR Unable To Read When your font size is small or attachment is not clear