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Server Side Unit TestingPresented By: The Panthers1Why do we unit test?2Is that not QAs job?3Pros:Design Methods in a more modular fashionProvides Documentation of codeHelps reduce manual testingAllows regression of codeCatches bugs early4Previous Technology Used:NunitInline DataBuildersAsserts and Nunit AssertsRhinoMoqsTalk briefly of what these technologies areCurrent stack of CMWorks great but there are better technology out there

5Current TechnologyShouldly:Tons of great documentation - and human readableFailure messages point to the where it failedHas a funny failure message Chucked a WobblyTalk about how this replaces asserts and Nunit asserts. Go to the shouldly demonstration. Used a beaver picture because shouldly chucked a wobbly7AutoFixture:Tons of great documentation - creation of simple and complex typesInlineConstructorsCustomEasily extensible to help build typesTalk about the benefits of Autofixture and how it replaces inline building of objects.Go to the Autofixture demonstration.Used an image of Disneyland because Autofixture is magical!!!

8Moq:Tons of great documentation - Made for .Net in mindLinq to MocksAble to Mock Events, Callbacks, Properties, Arguments and Asynchronous CallsCan Mock Protected MembersCan Mock Interfaces and ClassesCan intercept and raise events on mocksTalk about the benefits of Moq and how it replaces RhinoMock.Go to the Moq demonstration.Used an image of Lego because Moq creates objects.

9Xunit:Tons of great documentation - Made for .Net in mindUses the C# framework of instead of custom attributesIs extensible to use Theories, Autodata, AutoRollback, InlineDataWorks great with other frameworks such as Moq and AutoFixture

Talk about the benefits of Xunit and how it replaces Nunit.Go to the Xunit demonstration.Used an image of Xgames because Xunit relates to Xgames?

10Future TechnololgyQuestion every technology all of the time as to why we use them and if there are better technologies out there to help us do our jobs.11Questions?We have answers!!!Image References:Paul McRae (Delta Diner) FlickrAndy Armstrong (Perl QA Hackathon) FlickrCltreonAZU (Bug Line-up) FlickrPaul (Panasonic Lumix GM1) FlickrStilgherrian (Nokia Lumia 925) FlickrKyle Miron (Hey WoodChuck!) FlickrJoe Penniston (Disney - Magic Music Mayhem 2) FlickrGfPeck (Blue on Black) FlickrXgamesBarcelona www.barcelonablog.netMicrosoft Sweden (win10_HoloLens_livingRoom) FlickrDerek Bridges (Questions) FlickrRobert Claypool (Nashville Public Library, Grand Reading Room)