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About Young Marketers l mt sn chi mang tnh tri nghim & nh hng cho nhng marketer ti nng ca Vit Nam trong tng lai. Mission Young Marketers - Empower the next marketing generations Description D n Young Marketers l 1 sng kin v c thc hin bi cng ty REDDER Advertising, v c c vn bi cc tn tui hng u lnh vc marketing & advertising ti Vit Nam. Young Marketers n 2013 bao gm 2 hot ng chnh l Young Marketers Contest & Young Marketers Elite Development Program nhm mc ch nh hng, tm kim v pht trin th h marketing tip theo ca Vit Nam.


  • 1. SCAPE

2. SOCIAL CONTEXTUNICEF found that 73.9 % of Vietnamese children have experienced violent disciplining from parents or household membersThe majority of Vietnamese parents are deeply affected by the old-fashionedconception:SPARE the rod, SPOIL the childand find it NORMALto use VIOLENCE 3. MontessoriGlenn DomanFroebelChildren learn best when they possess background knowledge about a subjectPlay meets the biological need to discover how things workSenses Stimulation is the key to unlocking a child's potentialCompetitorsBRANDORIENTATIONLIMITATIONFocus MORE on developing children skills LESS on their SOULAnd understanding between children & parents 4. SHICHIDABelieves children need EMOTION NURTURING for overall developmentDEVELOP overallpotential future generationswith LOVE. PRAISE. ACCEPT methodBring about the most SUITABLEeducation method for children and contribute to Vietnam developmentChildren DESERVEa suitable development method based on their own emotions not VIOLENCEVISION 5. THE COURSE LESSONS WITHOUT PAINPsychology test to find suitable education orientationGeneral view of SHICHIDA methodPractice & Interaction at SHICHIDA class 6. SOCIAL OBJECTIVESIn 3 months, reduce 5% ofchildren treated with VIOLENCEStart changing the conception of child education orientationBUSINESS OBJECTIVES16 billion in the first 3 months50% of target customers are aware of the Brand & Course30% enquire about the course7-10% enroll in the course in one yearAfter the campaign: 7. CONSERVATIVELOVEVIOLENCE01001000CONSERVATIVENEGLECFULPATHFINDERTOLERANTBased on Vinaresearchand FTAI dont need any other method, I believe spanking work well with my childrenSegment size: 15.9%Demographics-Age: 22 -35-Male & Female-Income: BC+ -Live in 6 big cities-Have modern thought, never use violence. Pro- actively looking for better methodsDemographics-Age: 22 -35-Male & Female-Income: BC+ -Live in 6 big cities-Dont care about their child & ready to blame others for the childs misbehaviorsDemographics-Age: 22 -35-Male & Female-Income: BC+ -Live in 6 big cities-Profoundly affected by old- fashioned opinion, strongly believe in using violence & dont want to changeDemographics-Age: 22 -35-Male & Female-Income: BC+ -Live in 6 big cities-In the middle of tradition & modern Resort to violence because they cant find any better solutionSegment size: 10.2%Segment size: 63.2%Segment size: 10.7%I find spanking is not the best solution but I dont know any other wayIf my child misbehaves, the fault is of their school & teachers not meI strongly oppose Spanking and always find modern methods for my childPATHFINDERNEGLECFULTOLERANT 8. VIOLENCE01001000CONSERVATIVE10,7%NEGLECFUL10,2 %PATHFINDER63,2%TOLERANT15,9%PATHFINDER-Age: 25-40-Male & Female-Income: BC+ -Live in 6 big cities-Market size: 700,000-In the middle of tradition & modern, Resort to violence because they cant find any better solutionLOVEHave the biggest sizeNeed a better method without violence 9. 92 %Target parents spend time talking to their kids later after punishingthemResearch (n=100) 10. PARENT JOURNEYParent see kids repeat the SAMEmistakeParent dont understand why they repeat it => feeling LOSTGenerate negative thoughts about the kidsJump to conclusion in an uncalmmannerEnsure that kids understand lessonsSpank 11. Parents spend time talking to their kids later after punishingthemDIG DEEPERWhy ?To ensurethatthey really understand my lessonsWhy ?Im afraid they only remember the consequence: Making mistakes = Getting spanked but dont know the real consequenceWhy is that important ?By understanding the real consequence, they will be more RESPONSIBLEfor what they doI want my kids to be RESPONSIBLEso that theyll become good persons in the futureWhy is that important ? 12. I always want my kids to be RESPONSIBLE so that theyll become good persons in the futureBut, I dont understand whyno matter how much I teach them, they seem not to understand and still repeat the mistakes over again which makes me resort to violenceI wish for a education method that helps me truly understand my kids to help them learn responsibilityINSIGHT 13. BRAND ROLEEMPOWER PARENTS TO TRULY UNDERSTAND KIDS so that they can teach their kids to be responsibleSHICHIDAHelp parents truly understand kids to teach them without violenceHelp parents feel secure when kids truly understand their lessons 14. CONFESSION FOR COMPREHESIONCOMPAIGN BIG IDEA 15. STRATEGIC APPROACHAWARENESSLEAD TO CHANGEAMPLIFY THE CHANGESHICHIDA helps parents aware of the importance of understanding kids in parenting Understanding kids will help parents fully deliver the lessonsSHICHIDA empowers parents to understand kids with the confession tool and experience the courseAmplify the optimistic impacts of teaching kids by truly understanding them 16. DEPLOYMENT PLANTriggerthe importance of understanding kidsWithout understanding, you cant fully deliver the lessonsGives moms the chance to experiencetruly understanding their kidsTogether with SHICHIDA, understand your kids to make them truly get the lessonsSpread out the value of understanding kids in parentingAmplifythe great value of understanding kids-Influencers-Advertorial/ Editorial-Forum seeding-Comprehension Commitment-Social media-Banner & Print-ad-Event-Advertorial/ Editorial-SocialViral Confession ClipConfession Booth TourConfession Collection 17. VIRAL confession CLIPCh vi s thu hiu, cha m mi dy con hiu c trn vn bi hc ca mnh1 Viral Clip about the confession of parents & kids to POINT OUT the differences of understanding & action from both sides. Clip describes parallelly2 sides of thought & actions, to emphasize the important of understanding in delivering the expected resultsEnding with a messageINFLUENCERS 18. The Confession Booth Tour with special activities of SHICHIDA will go through 6 big cities: Hi Phng, H Ni, H Ch Minh, Cn Th, Nng, HuConfession BOOTH TOUR 19. ATTENDANT JourneyDo the psycho test to know how parents understand kidsDO TESTJOIN SPECIAL ACTIVITIESParents & kids join special educational & entertainment activities designed by SHICHIDA to experience the understanding of kidsParents & kids go into the booth to make their confessions after experiencing activities togetherSIGN COMMITMENTCONFESSION BOOTHTogether sign a comprehension commitment between parents & kids based on the confessions & SHICHIDA orientationsINTRODUCE THE COURSELessons without Pain 20. confession boothParents & kids will go into the booth and make their confessions under SHICHIDA instruction and the booth will announce the scoreof understandingAll of the information will be used to create Comprehension CommitmentsBesides well record them and upload to social channels to increase awareness 21. Hold an event to celebrate the result of the Tour and make all the confessions into a Confession Collection Book in both paper & digital edition a useful tool for every parentCreate a digital tool on fan page for other parents to view & sign digital Comprehension CommitmentsBuild a SHICHIDA PARENTS CONFESSION community on Facebook where they can share and receive advice from others members & SHICHIDA experts 22. BUDGETPHASE 1 ( 500 milPHASE 2 ( 4bilPHASE 3 ( 500 milKPIViral Clip : 100 milPR, Social media: 400 milEvent: 3 bilBooth: 500 milSocial media, PR: 300 milPrint-ad, banner: 200 milEvent: 200 milPR, Social media: 200 milConfession Books: 100 milEarned media, PR article: 100FB: 30.000 like and 50% TAT1800 clips on YouTubeTour Event: 5000 attendant/eventFB: 50.000 like and 30% TATEarn media, PR article: 10020000 signed commitments20000 signed digital commitmentsWebsite traffic100.000 viewsFB: 10.000 likesand 30% TAT 23. MEASUREMENT TRACKINGKPISales First 3 months: 16 billionsSales ReportBrand awareness 50%Brand health analysisMarket researchNo. of articleNo. of attendantMessage frequency on media channelsReduce 5% ofchildren treated with violence30% enquire about the course7-10% enroll in the course in one yearNo. of enquirer & enrollerReport from UNICEF & other NGOs