What’s a Rubric?

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This webinar is for faculty interested in learning more about rubrics and how to use the new rubric tool in Blackboard to assess student work.


  • 1.Whats a Rubric?What are some rubric tools?

2. Presented byDr. Julia VanderMolenDepartment Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Health and Science (Online)Dr. Scott Benton, Course Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty Science (online) 3. Logistics Introductions Speakers and MicHeadset is recommended Future Workshops 4. Add Poll Question 5. Abstract This webinar is for faculty interestedin learning more about rubrics andhow to use the new rubric tool inBlackboard to assess student work. 6. Topics CoveredYou will learn the basics of a rubric The what The why The parts of a rubricYou will be able to create rubrics to: Guide student performance Measure robust learning outcomes Streamline grading and feedback 7. What is a rubric? A rubric is a lesson in quality. A public declaration of expectations. A communication tool. A self-assessment tool for learners. A gauge for examining performance. A self-fulfilling prophecy. 8. What Can You Assess with a Rubric? Projects Essays Research Papers Lab Work Discussions Presentations ePortfolios . 9. Lets Share Can you list an idea? 10. The parts of a rubric:R u b r icS t a n d a r d s o f E x c e l le n c e C r it e r ia I n d ic a t o rs 11. Standards of Excellence Degrees of quality Even number Language or numbers Weighting 12. Criteria The specific areas for assessment. Focus areas for instruction. Clear and relevant. Age appropriate. Form and function represented. 13. Indicators Descriptors of level of performancefor the criteria. Clear, observable language. Clear to the learner. Examples for learners. 14. Problems with current practice Consistency Accuracy Clarity Utility Power Intent 15. The Whole is the Sum of ItsParts P = parts W = whole P+P+P=W 16. How do rubrics alter instruction? The teacher commits to teaching quality. The teacher commits to assisting thestudent self-assess. The focus is on each product and/orperformance. The labels are removed from students. Specificity appears in all communications. Everyone gives and receives feedback. 17. Whom does a rubric assist? It is a feedback system for students tojudge a product or performance. It is a feedback tool for teachers toprovide clear, focused coaching to thelearner. It is a system that promotes consistentand meaningful feedback over time in abuilding and between buildings. It is a communication tool for parents. 18. Issues for implementation: Special populations. Applications for teaching criteria. Developmental rubrics. First and second draft. Consistency across grades/departments. Changing tasks. Weighting for grades. Report cards. 19. Developing a Rubric with MyStudents: Based on background of students forthe particular work. Examine professional criteria. Focus on specific criterion. 20. What makes a quality RUBRIC? Clear essential If points clear tocriteria.students upfront. Realistic number of The sequence ofcriteria.criteria is Explicit, observable deliberate.indicators. High interjudge reliability. Tested out with students. 21. Skills for Implementation Knowledge and experience withspecific skill Practice with rubric Objectivity Presentation of rubric in advanceto be sure all participantsunderstand 22. How do I get started? Critique current models. Ask students to define quality inrelation to specific product orperformance. Translate into a modest rubric. 23. Okay Now for Bb!1. How should I prepare for creating a rubric in Blackboard?2. How do I enter a rubric in Blackboard?3. How do I edit the Rubric Grid?4. How do I associate a rubric with an5. assessment?6. How do I grade with rubrics?7. How do I view a Rubric Evaluation Report? 24. Creating a Rubric in Blackboard How do I enter a rubric in Blackboard? 1. Control Panel > Course Tools > Rubrics 2. Click on Create Rubric button. 25. Creating a Rubric in Blackboard 26. Creating a Rubric in Blackboard 27. Blackboard Rubric Example 28. Rubrics On Line Rubistar: http://rubistar.4teachers.org RCampus - iRubrictool:http://www.rcampus.com/indexrubric.cfm Rubric Builder:http://landmark-project.com/rubric_builder/index.php Teachnology Rubric Generator:http://www.teach-nology.com/web_tools/rubrics/gener 29. Other Tools ofInterest and Ideas roobrix: A Grading ToolConverting a rubric score to a percent grade:http://roobrix.com/ Using MS Excel and formulas Allen, D., & Tanner, K. (2006). Rubrics: Tools forMaking Learning Goals and Evaluation CriteriaExplicit for Both Teachers and Learners. CBELife Sciences Education, 5, 197203. 30. Questions and Comments 31. Thank You! Online Evaluation Please be sure to take the evaluation