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  • 1. What is Universal Design for Learning (UDL)?By: Scott Schumacher

2. (UDL) Universal Design forLearningIs an approach to designingcourse instruction, materials,and content so that all learningstyles will learn. Universaldesign provides equal access tolearning, not simply equalaccess to information. 3. Architecture Influence Stairs Barrier for handicappedindividuals Made Ramps and Elevators Braille 4. Educations Benefits Provides Alternatives so all students can learn Build Flexibility in teaching Gives Maximum opportunity to learn 5. Three Principals of UDL Recognition Networks Strategic Networks Affective Networkshttp://www.cast.org/udl/ 6. Recognition Network What we hear and see How we process patterns Examples Deaf = Sign language Blind = Braille Visual = Large letters 7. Strategic Network Plans about a topic Examples: Vocabulary with pictures Journals KWL Charts Double Column Notes 8. Affective Networks Student Interest Incorporate student interest intolessons Examples Surveys -http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NNWPQML 9. UDL and Technology Recognition = Visuals forVocabulary Strategic = Stock MarketSimulation Affective = Real LifeApplications 10. Why UDL? Differentiation Build flexibility Max opportunity to learn 11. Useful Websites http://elixr.merlot.org/case-stories/understanding-- meeting-students-needs/universal-design-for- learning-udl This website focuses on Business Education but it also has information about other subjects as well. http://www.uvm.edu/~cdci/universaldesign/?Page =about-udl/examples.php&SM=about- udl/submenu.html This website gives examples of UDL in practice http://www.disabilitytraining.com/wpblog/tag/udl/ 12. References http://ada.osu.edu/resources/fastfact s/Universal-Design-FF.pdf


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