We Like to Move It! Moving Activities with Mobile Devices GAETC13

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  • ShellyTerrell.com

    We Like to Move It! Active Learning with Mobile Devices

    Bit.ly/gaetcmoveit Bit.ly/mlearningLINKS

  • Download these apps:

    PicCollage iNigma , Quick Mark, or other QR code scanner/creator Google Drive ComicsHead

    Visit: Bit.ly/gaetc13moveit

  • As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen. Winnie The Pooh

  • I want to experience

    what I learn!

  • Features

    Geolocation Texting

    Photo capturing

    Augmented Reality

    Video recording

    Note-taking Scanning

    Audio recording

    www.schooltechnology.org Photos of elementary students using iPads at school to do amazing projects. Photo taken by Lexie Flickinger, Flickr, CC 2.0

  • Student-centered learning

    Continuous learningReal-world learning


    Physical & mental w


    Better classroom m


    Active learning on a mobile device promotes

  • Scan the following?

  • Match the right qr code!

  • Quick response

    Jeff rutzky's QR code chocolate treats by Ericskiff, Flickr


  • Jeff rutzky's QR code chocolate treats by Ericskiff, Flickr

  • QuickMark

  • Integrate with realia


  • PicCollage Free App


  • Image from questgarden.com

  • Activity: I Spy Geometry Shapes

    Choose an object around you that represents 1 of the shapes from the previous slide. Take a picture of the object. Use PicCollage to add text to your image.

    Show your object to a person. They will guess which object you took a picture of.

  • Bit.ly/gaetcmoveitwallEmail- 14475246.9547@e.linoit.com

  • Student iPad 008 By flickingerbrad, Flickr

  • Activity: Invent an App

    Task: The KLM company specializes in creating apps that wow. Your team is responsible for creating a prototype of this app that does extraordinary things. You will show the board of directors a 30sec video commercial of this new app showcasing its skills.

  • Activity: Invent an App

    App: What does it do?

    Your commercial must be a minute or less!

  • Reporting the News

  • Talking Ben & Tom Newsreporter

  • Google Drive

  • Create Groups Team Leader: ensure the group is listening to Ms. Shelly when she gives the silence symbol Organizer: makes sure that everyone participates read the instructions for all tasks Deliverer: uploads the video Reporter: presents for the group

  • Recommended apps:

    Google Drive Infusedlearning.com

    Polltogo.com Pearltrees

    Padlet Diigo

    Dropbox Instagram BeFunky Edmodo

    Idea Sketch Bump

    Tom & Ben News Reporter Evernote ComicsHead Magisto Animoto Mindmeister Socrative LinoIt iNigma Quizlet QuickMark

  • Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.

    ~ Bill Gates

  • Bit.ly/mlearningLINKS ShellyTerrell.com

    Twitter: @ShellTerrell

  • We hope you enjoyed this GaETC session. Please give your

    feedback at www.gaetc.org/