Vanishing water

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Fresh clean water is a precious gift which is fast running out. We must realize it's importance and conserve and use it wisely. This presentation shares facts and ideas on the subject.

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  • 1. Vanishing WaterJaved MohammedA K2Vista

2. Its HOT 3. You have to find water 4. Close your eyes pinch your nose 5. ItllMakeyou sick 6. 1 in 6 people donthave clean water 7. Thats ++> 1 Billion 8. Oceanscontain97.5% of all water 9. That leaves2.5% of waterdrinkable 10. Water = Life 11. 2/3s of human body = Water 12. Water = Survival 13. 1.1Billion are lucky to get5 liters /day 14. In the West we use =70 litres/day to flush ourtoilets 15. 90% of wastewater indeveloping countries =Untreated 16. That means Water =Sickness resulting in 80% of illnesses 17. 1.8 Million children die fromlack of water or disease every year 18. Water = Death 19. Water scarcity is a majorproblem 20. Water scarcity= poverty 21. Water scarcity= climate change 22. 300% population increase in 20th century but 700% increase inwater use 23. The worlds water resources areunder rapidly growing pressure 24. The Indus, Nile, Colorado, Rio Grande, and Yangtze struggleto reach the sea 25. Inland Seas and Lakes are drying up 26. By 2030, half of the worldspeople will be living in areas of acute water shortage (UN) 27. 27% of the urban population inthe developing world does nothave piped water in its house.Source: UNESCO 28. 1.8 Billion dont have access to water in their homes 29. Walking miles to get water 30. Childrens health and education suffers 31. Without major water investments,many poor economies cannot grow 32. Present Solutions to Water Scarcity 33. Bottled Water 34. Bottled Water = not an option forearth or the poor 35. Water pumps allow access to ground water 36. Tube wells= deplete ground water 37. Dams provide control but harm people and environment also conflicts between nations 38. Lined irrigation canalshave negative effects on eco-system 39. Desalination plants Cost >$ 1Billion waterCan be more expensive than gasoline 40. Rainwater harvestingmakes use of run-off water 41. Water PrivatizationDisempower the people 42. Water may replace Oil as next source of conflict and waramongst nations 43. Water is the driving force of all nature. Leonardo da Vinci 44. You, me, weIts a precious gift 45. References Blue Planet Run by Rick Smolan and Jennifer When the Rivers Run Dry by Fred Pearce The Big Thirst by Charles FishmanAll images are from public domain andcopyright of respective owners A K2 Vista Copyright 2012