Using music in the esl classroom

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How to use music in our ESL classroom


<ul><li> 1. RepblicaBolivariana de Venezuela<br />Foreign Languages Department<br />NURR-ULA<br />Trujillo Estado Trujillo<br />Using Music In the <br />ESL Classroom<br />Students: YeuskiCanga<br />Prof. Jos Rafael Perna<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Using Music in the ESL Classroom <br />Students who are taught in a fun and creative way, love coming to class. Using music in the classroom is a great way for teachers to achieve success with L2 learners. Oliver Wendall Holmes suggests taking a musical bath once a week, saying that music is "to the soul what water is to the body."<br /> 3. Benefits of Using Music<br />Studies have shown that music:<br /></p> <ul><li> Improves concentration</li></ul> <p> 4. Improves memory 5. Brings a sense of community to a group 6. Motivates learning 7. Relaxes people who are overwhelmed or stressed 8. Makes learning fun 9. Helps people absorb material</p>