Tips for Writing ISB Application Essays

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General Education started providing helps for ISB essay.Where General Education consultant will help you to write good essays for all ISB essay questions including video review, which is asked for this year ISB Application. Start preparing your ISB Application with General Education.


  • 1. Tips for writing ISB Application essays ISB application consists of two standard essays and a third that allows a candidate to write anyinformation that he or she deems pertinent to his/her candidature for admission to ISB PGP. Apart fromthis the applicant should submit 90 second video.Application essays are one of the most important and critical aspects of the ISB Application. So, youressays should be very much informative, unique and your personality should reflect in essays. Also dontforget to highlight your achievements and interests for more informative tips and latest ISB essayanalysis visit Education has team of expert and seasoned professional consultants who helped severalcandidates successfully in getting admits in ISB. Specifically for ISB application review service, GeneralEducation has top notch ISB alumni working as application consultants with them. Are you planning to apply for ISB this year and confused about where and how to begin? How much time and effort is required to ensure outstanding application essays? Need professional assistance in framing application essays?If your answer is yes for any one of the questions above then General Education, an MBA applicationassistance consultancy is here to help you.To reach us @ General Education for more details:Call: (+91) 90350 50056 / (+91) 90355 25680Email: enquiry@general-ed.comVisit: