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<p> 1. TIPS FOR WRITING COLLEGE ESSAYS 2. BE ORIGINAL Make your college essay topic interesting. Use creative taglines to grab attention! 3. BE YOURSELF Writein a creative way, and plan and structure your arguments Choose a Topic that you can write on 4. SPEND TIME PLANNING Tograb the attention of your teacher, plan your college essay! 5. SPEND MOST OF THE TIME ON YOUR INTRODUCTION UseYour Introduction to grab Interest from the beginning! 6. DO NOT SUMMARIZE IN THE INTRODUCTION Writein a way that keeps the teacher going till the end of your essay! 7. USE TRANSITION Tokeep your College Essay going, use Transition in Between Wordssuch as In Addition to , As a result of should be used 8. Conclusion is Crucial Your conclusion is your last chance to impress the reader, effective and attention grabbing conclusions should be written! 9. REVISE! Onceyou have written your college Essay, Revise your work and make improvements! 10. CALL 1.877.528.9273 OR LIVE CHAT VISIT www.paperomatic.comNeed Help?</p>