Tips for Writing B-School Application Essays

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General Education provides tips on B-School Application Essays and MBA Essay Writing Help to its applicants. View what factors are important when writing your MBA application essays.


  • 1. Tips for Writing B-School Application Essays
  • 2. Essays are a very important part of the MBA application process They are your advertisement to the B-School on why you should be given a coveted seat in the MBA program 2
  • 3. 3 Keep it simple Demonstrate instead of telling the reader. Use real life experiences Think beyond professional experience Bring personal touch to your story (show the side of your personality not reflected through your resume or other essays) Differentiate yourself Highlight experiences and interests that would make you stand out Explain weakness (grades, scores,) Development of successful application demands between 80 -120 hours
  • 4. 4 Medium used for brainstorming: Skype/ Webex/ Phone/ Personal Meeting Medium used for reviews: Email
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