The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt

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2. WHAT ISTHE MEMORIALQUILT? 3. THE IDEA 4. THEPROBLEMWITH DYING 5. MEMORIESCREATED INPANELSTens of thousands of coffin-sized panelsmake up the 12 x 12 blocks of The Quilt.Cleve Jones made the first panel of TheQuilt, for his close friend Marvin Feldman. 6. MEMORIESCREATED INPANELSThe Quilt, on display at the mall inWashington, D.C. Its massive size makesits message hard to ignore, which wassomething Cleve Jones intended. 7. MEMORIESCREATED INPANELSA Center Square is present at everyviewing of The Quilt, for patrons to writedown any thoughts, feelings, or messagesthey may have. 8. MEMORIESCREATED INPANELSLetters accompanied many of the panelsthat were sent in. This person includedtheir message in the panel itself. 9. MEMORIESCREATED INPANELS raisedAwareness waswhen celebritieslike Rock Hudson were honored withpanels for The Quilt 10. MEMORIESCREATED INPANELS will take multiple panelsThe NAMES Projectfor one person. Pedro Zamora, who gainedrecognition for coming out as HIV+ on MTVsThe Real World, has 21 panels. 11. MEMORIESCREATED INPANELSSome quilts lacked last names or anyname at all. Some victims didnt want theirfamilies to know theyd died of AIDS oreven that they were gay, and there werefamily members who didnt want others toknow theyd had a loved one who died ofAIDS. 12. THE QUILTAS INSPIRATIONNAMES Project Chapters and other mediums of memorialNAMES CHAPTERS21 NAMES chapters currently reside in theUnited States, helping to collect panels,organize viewings, and raise funds forAIDS organizations in their communities.BOOK OF LETTERSThe NAMES Project Book of Letters waspublished in 1992, and contains the lettersthat accompanies panels submitted forThe Quilt COMMON THREADS Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt was a documentary, released in 1989. It is a collection of profiles, depicting people remembered on The Quilt. 13. EDUCATIONWHAT WE NEED TODAYAMERICANS AGES 13-29 ARE EXPERIENCING A RAPID RATE OF INFECTIONApproximately 48% of adolescentsinfected with HIV are unaware they havetheHave ChangedNeedsvirus.Why So High?AwarenessAlthough there is still a negative Facts about HIV infection andPeople who dont seek outstigma and misinformationtransmission are available, testinginformation dont learn anything.surroundingAIDS inmany is available, so why is this rate of Leading by example and holdingcommunities, it is not the new infection still so high? Have people community leaders and physiciansmystery disease it was in thebecome complacent or forgotten responsible is key.1980s. how serious HIV is? Is it just adolescent/young adult invincibility syndrome? 14. KNOW YOUR STATUSRAISE AWARENESSIt is important that EVERYONE help foster aKnow Your Status environment, for the benefitof those within and outside of the LGBTQcommunity.