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  • 1. Settlers of South East ByJay Studios

2. Juan Ponce De Leon. 1460-1521 3. He explored Florida in search of the Fountain of Youth in 1493. 4. Instead he found the 5 "civilized" tribes. 5. The seminole tribe. 6. The Cherokee tribe. 7. The Chickasaw tribe. 8. The Choctaw tribe. 9. And the Creek tribe. 10. Origin

  • The Mississippi tribe was origin of the 5 "civivlized" tribes.

11. 5 Civilized Tribes

  • The 5 "civilized" tribes were named by white settlers because they picked up some of their customs.


  • Then Ponce De Leon enslaved the 5 "civilized" tribes.

13. But he didn't enslave all of them. 14. Like the Seminole Tribe. 15.

  • The Spanish started to transport slaves to America.

16. This was called the Slave Trade.

  • Slave Trade Map.

17. Some would escape and join the Seminole Tribe. 18. Even some indiansthat were enslaved would do the same . 19. It all led up to The Three Seminole Wars. 20. The First Seminole War was from 1817-1818. 21. The Second Seminole War was from 1835-1842. 22. The Third Seminole War was from 1855-1858 23. The Seminoles lost all three wars. 24. It madealot of American history. 25. The impact was HUGE. 26. It left behind a ton of things. 27. What made them famous. 28. The fact that they were a pretty big tribe. 29. They were one of the Five civilized tribes. 30. Theimpact of the Seminloe Tribe was: ( Not that kind.) 31. The Football team. 32. Three wars. 33. Museums about them. (and their history.) 34. Ponce De Leon's great acomplishments and not so great ones. 35. Great ones.

  • Going to America. Exploring Florida. Finding the 5 civilized tribes. Building St. Augustine. And more...

36. Bad ones.

  • Enslaving the indians. Killing the indians. Taking from the indians. And more...

37. Thank You for Whaching: by Jay Studios Sources: Wikipedia ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Settlers of South East