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Bit.ly/eltlinks ShellyTerrell.com Say Cheese! Teaching with Photography Tools & Apps

Say Cheese! Photography Projects for Learners

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Say Cheese! Teaching with Photography Tools & Apps Bit.ly/eltlinks ShellyTerrell.com Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second. - Marc Riboud Visual Dictionary Magazine Scrapbook Writing Prompts Digital Stories Newspapers Challenges Memes Blog Presentations Advertisements Photo Challenges Example Mission: Snap a photo of graffiti you think could be art and tell us through an audio recording why you think it is art versus just graffiti. Points Worth: 10 Bonus Points: Post a short reflection in your blog for 5 more points. Review your camera settings http://www.flickr.com/photos/chagiajose/4881354570 The Process visualoop.tumblr.com Rule of Thirds visualoop.tumblr.com visualoop.tumblr.com Filters Instagram BeFunky Webtool/IOS/Android PicMonkey.com Nature Scrapbook Biteslide.com Character Scrapbooks Coolibah Pic-Collage Pic Collage IOS/Android App http://pic-collage.com/ Buncee- Greetings, Presentations, Etc. Buncee.com Buncee Free iPod/iPad App Slideshow quiz Photopeach.com/album/15oe8bu by @mscro1 Create an online book Pimpampum.net/bookr/index.php?id=38744 Bighugelabs.com Create Motivational Posters Kizoa.com Apps Instagram BeFunky PicCollage PhotoFunia ImageChef Muzy ThingLink Buncee FrameArtist Flickr Coolibah Comic Head PhotoFunia IOS/Android App Photofunia.com Frame Artist with Photo Templates Newspaper / magazine Send a postcard from 1 character to another Create Interactive Image Posters Thinglink.com Recreate the reading as a comic Comic Head Lite Image Chef IOS App https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/imagechef/id330357169?l=en&mt=8 ChatterPix IOS Free App Where will they post their pics? Flickr Instagram Social albums Instagram Class Account Bookmarks here, http://pear.ly/buGib ShellyTerrell.com Bit.ly/eltlinks