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1. The poses seen when analysing this magazine show more than one person with a mid shot because not the whole of their bodies can be seen. This picture of one direction shows a good representation of what the band are like as they are fun and lively. The photo does not look specifically posed showing their personalities to the reader. The shot is effective because it is clear, and allows the reader to see all five of the boys and gives away the main concept of the magazine to the reader. The photo being on a white background is very effective because it makes the band stand out even more as the background is very plain. The white background also means the other aspects of the cover can also be seen clearly allowing the reader to understand the point of the magazine before buying it. The clothes the band are wearing are also quite bright and stand out. This also shows their personalities and gives the reader a small insight about them, showing they are quite young which is a good, accurate interpretation of them. The lighting of the photo is bright, giving a positive attitude to the reader. 2. When analysing this pose from We [heart] POP. I can see the pose is a lot more thought about and serious. Katy Perry is shown posing with a serious face with her hand on her hip. This gives the interpretation that the interview included with her inside of the magazine could be a serious topic. This however does not show an every day representation of Katy Perry as her make-up, hair and clothes are perfect. The use of the white background is again very effective as it makes the model stand out very well from the other information that is on the page. The photo shown uses a mid-shot which allows the reader to see a medium shot of Katy Perry which lets the reader see her full face and upper body. However, the left side of the model is slightly cut off which could have been done so that the audience can read all of the surrounding information clearly. The photo looks very posed, with the models hand her hip which gives the impression she is making a statement to the reader giving the implication the interview is very formal and informative about Katy Perry 3. This photo shows a much more close-up, zoomed in picture of the model, Jessie J. We can see the model has perfect make up and hair and the photo is clearly very posed and is just one of the photos chosen from a huge variety of potential photos taken during a shoot. The photo is taken with a white background which makes the model stand out which is effective because other information and pictures on the page can also be seen clearly. This picture however, does not represent Jessie J in an every day situation because the photo is too perfect. This photo was evidently taken in a photo-shoot therefore it does not portray to the reader what Jessie J is like every day. This could be a negative because it does not show the reader what the model is like in everyday life. The photo is not positioned in the complete centre showing the photographer has taken in the rule of thirds whilst completing the photo-shoot.