Ready, Set, Go Mobile!

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Did you know that by 2013 there will be more people using mobile phones than PCs to get online? Get a jump start this year by creating a mobile version of your website. In this presentation we reviewed a 15-point checklist to get your mobile site in tip-top shape so that it offers the best experience possible to your mobile viewers.

Text of Ready, Set, Go Mobile!

  • Ready, Set, Go Mobile!
  • Who We Are Hall Internet Marketing 12 Years in Business Twitter @Hall_WebJenika ScottSenior Manager of Client Twitter @jenika29 Ext. 109
  • Got Questions? Use GoToWebinar Ask a Question Twitter with @hall_web
  • Today The importance of mobile 15 point checklist getting started to testing The State of Mobile America Pew Internet 2012/Mar/The-State-of-Mobile- America.aspx
  • Why is mobile so important? In January, 48.5 % of mobile users browsed the web - comSCORE 66% of Americans 24-35 own a smart phone (Neilson)comSCORE (March 2012)
  • Why does mobile matter to me/my business? vs.
  • Getting Started How much mobile traffic are you getting? Hire a web developer Custom mobile site Google Sites Have a CMS? Mobile website builders
  • Listen Review Google Analytics Mobile vs. Desktop needs What are your customers saying Stay true to business goals
  • Design Lighter version Easy navigation Organized options Position back options clearly Vertical scrolling Contrasting colors
  • Thumb Friendly Not all hands are the same Space in between clicking options Large clickable items Photo Credit:
  • Consistency Branding In line with business goals Same voice
  • Simplicity Navigation Number of options Download time
  • SEO Mobile site options are relevant Site should be text based and keyword-rich Build links Optimize images Include a mobile sitemap
  • Local Optimization Include your business address Offer directions Or detect location and push directions Link your mobile site to directories like Google Places 95% of smartphone users have searched for local information 61% of users call a business after searching 59% visit the location (source: Google The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users 2011) Learn More:
  • Full Site Option Link to your full site from mobile Link to your mobile site from full Dont force the interaction, empower the user to choose
  • Click-to-Call Good conversion option Mobile user needs differ from desktop user needs May not make sense for all industries Phone numbers should all be click to call Photo Credit:
  • Conversion Back to the basics make it easy and thoughtful Understand that a mobile user has different needs than desktop use that to your advantage Speed is a large factor in mobile experience reduce steps
  • Speed Mobile doesnt just mean device people are on the go; they are moving This means your site needs to distract them and help them Fast loading Prioritize content for the end user to get to the information they are seeking Compress images
  • Multi Device Accessible Dont design for one device Allow user to change orientation without using experience Think about the technology used is it compatible? (ex. Flash)
  • Mobile Site Redirects Auto detect mobile user and redirect them to mobile site Best first impression
  • Analyze Analytics Review top exit pages and most visited pages User Testing (Live/Simulated) Communicate with customers/prospects Technology is changing dont leave your mobile site stagnant Try new conversions Reduce form fields Always work to improve the experience no matter the medium
  • Test Mobile Speed W3C mobile MITE Device emulators Field testing Browser Add Ons
  • Your Mobile Site Checklist
  • Start Today!1. How much mobile traffic does your site get?2. What is your budget?3. How do mobile goals differ from desktop goals? Learn More:
  • Recap Offering the best experience for the end user Mobile goals differ from desktop goals Technology is changing Photo credit
  • QuestionsNew Webinar Topics?
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