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Directions for finding Slideshare content and Hulu videos and adding them to an online course.

Text of Presentations and Videos

  • Presentations & Videos
  • finding & adding to your online course
  • finding educational content can be challenging!
  • lots of sites are out there this is a list from wikipedia
  • some make it a little easier than others
  • theres the Moving Image Archive
    • - part of the Internet Archive
    • more than 80,000 videos available and all free
  • Annenberg Media,
  • National Geographic and Nova
  • here are two more that have gotten good reviews 50 Best Websites of 2008 Time Top 20 Tools for Learning 2008 - Learning & Performance Technologies
  • 1. SlideShare
  • what is it? SlideShare is the world's largest community for sharing presentations on the web. /
  • why use it? you can upload your presentations (ppt, pdf, pps, pot, odp, keynote) and share with others /
  • find/download interesting presentations /
  • embed them into blogs or websites (or courses) /
  • create a slidecast by linking your slides with audio http:// /
  • and it's completely free /
  • how do I get started? go to the SlideShare site ( and start browsing
  • view the presentation
  • email an invitation to view the presentation download the file
  • embed the presentation *can be used in your online course*
  • embedding in three easy steps 1.copy the embed URL (right-click then Ctrl C)
  • 2. go to a content area in your course and add new item
  • 3. paste the embed code into the text box & submit (right-click then Ctrl P)
  • Voila!
  • want to upload, but not necessarily share your own presentations? create a SlideShare account (its free)
  • create: username & password provide: working email address / gender / country city / state / are you human?
  • creating an account allows you to upload your presentations
  • these can be publicly shared or completely private you decide Photo credit: Ramzi Hashisho
  • THE SECRET URL Photo credit : Paul Brunskill
  • you always maintain control of your content and can remove it at any time
  • 2. Hulu
  • what is it? online video service that offers TV shows, movies and clips all for free, anytime in the U.S. /
  • why use it? quality and convenience /
  • easy to use and share /
  • free and LEGAL *advertising supported* http:// /
  • how do I get started? go to Hulu ( and start searching
  • search here by name or subject
  • search here by topic
  • subject or title
  • embed or link link only link or embed
  • the difference embedded video on the content page
  • a linked video opening in the content window
  • embedding in three easy steps 1.copy the embed URL
  • 2. go to a content area in your course and add new item
  • 3. paste the embed code into the text box & Submit dont forget to switch back from html mode before submitting
  • Voila!