Pre Production Techniques Task 3

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  • 1. Pre-Production Techniques Task 3 By Craig Cassidy & Eddie Gill

2. Content The actual content of the recipe card, is not actually that different from any of the other recipe cards I have looked at, like it the overall content of the recipe card is very basic. But I think that they have done this on purpose because if they put too much information on the recipe card it would just overcomplicate things and find it harder to get essential information. Writing Style I think that the writing style is quite simple again, I think this will be like this for two reasons, firstly so that its easily understandable therefore more people can use it and secondly it ties in with the minimal content, I think that this is a good thing because it wouldnt look right if they have included some really complicated content and then very simple language or vice versa because they wouldnt compliment each other. Fonts They have used a very simple sans serif font, to keep the sleek and high quality look throughout. Quality/Technical Details The quality of this image looks of probably the highest standard out of the three cards I have looked at, I think this because everything looks so sleek and professional, such as you have the italic writing going vertically. You also have the header and the footer at the top of the page which gives the card a nice border effect to it. In terms of grids this card seems to follow a grid format aswel you can definitely tell that there is two collums. Photography The photography which has been used for this recipe card is of a very high standard, with the overall quality of the image looking very nice and they have also used some lighting to make the image look even nicer. Layout The layout is very simple, and the right hand side the information is kind of presented how you would read a book (this will be so its easily understandable). In my recipe card I would definitely consider using a similar layout as I like the simplicity and I think that it looks professional aswel. Colour Scheme Apart from the colour in the images there is a very simple colour scheme which has been used, with a strong presence of white and green, the white just furthers the professional look and also the green could be argued that it is used because we associate vegetarians with vegetable and we obviously associate the colour green with vegetables, so the colour green has been used to attract its target audience more than likely. Overall Appearance The overall appearance of the card is very sleek , professional and simple. The image kind of sells it though as you can tell they will have spent along time making the image just right and so it attracts the viewers eye immediately. 3. Content Unlike the previous card I look at this card has lot more to it in terms of content, like it has the same content as the other, but this one includes the daily guidelines aswel, I like this feature because it adds abit of extra content rather than having just the essential information, it makes the card seem like they have put more effort into it. Another thing which they have included content wise which the previous card didnt have are tips such as the Chefs tips and Freezer advice I like the fact that they have included these because again its all useful information and it just makes the whole card seem like they have actually tried to make it as useful and informative as possible and make it look they care about their audience. Writing style The writing style on this card is very similar to the other card, in the terms of that it is very simple, but not simple enough to make it look unprofessional. Which I like because it means the writing style appeals to the masses. Fonts Like the previous card this card uses the same style font. They will have used these fonts because in my opinion its really easy to read, because its just nice and simple. I think that on my recipe card I will end using the same style font, just simply for the reason it looks nice and its easy to read. Quality/Technical Details Out of the three cards I have looked at this seems to be the one of the lowest overall quality. In terms of technical details it all seems to follow a grid format it looks like a 2 x 7 grid. They also have a footer at the bottom of the ingredients page just to give it some weight. Photography The photograph is of a high quality again, they will make sure that the photo is of a high quality because the person is more than likely to choose the recipe card because of the picture and if the picture is of a bad quality then it will put the person off. Layout The layout is very simple on this card every thing seems to be laded out in rectangles, which I suppose makes it look simple, I personally dont like the layout as it looks too simple for me and gives me the impression that they havent spent a long time on producing the actual layout. Colour Scheme The colour scheme throughout is basically blue, with the background being blue, the header, the ingredients and other titles all being blue. I personally dont like this as it there is too much blue and not much variation in colour. Overall Appearance In my opinion I dont like the overall appearance if this recipe card because even though I think t has included lots of essential information, I feel as if it just looks too cramped and also the blue colour scheme just doesnt look right. 4. Content In terms of content once again there isnt really anything special or what would make this recipe card stand out as it just includes the essentials. It does include how many people it serves, which is a nice feature which I would consider using on my recipe card. Writing Styles The writing style on this card seems abit more technical than the other cards I have looked at. The writing style isnt still something that I would consider as complicated though. The writing style is very formal aswel as there is no use of informal language on the card. On my card I would probably adopt a similar style of writing as if the recipe reads really badly then first of people might not be able to follow it that well and also it might put them off using your recipe because if it reads badly it will probably give them the impression that your recipe will be bad aswel. Font The font like all the other cards I have looked at is a simple sans-serif font. Quality/Technical Details The overall quality of this recipe card is very good, everything is clear and as I can see there is no faults in quality. In terms of technical details the top third of the second page seems quite abstract in the way that it doesnt appear to be in a grid format but the bottom two thirds doesnt follow the same pattern because it seems to be in some column format. Another technical detail is that on the card with the recipe on they have put a banner across the bottom to make the image bottom heavy. Photography The photography is definitely of a high standard Layout The layout of this recipe card is probably the simplest one I have looked at as it follows a really simple layout scheme, with all the necessary information all laded out into one area so its easy to find and also so its close together. Colour Scheme The colour scheme for the recipe card is what I would consider a Christmas kind of colour scheme seeing as the card was made as a festive recipe, they have used the colour purple a lot as a lot of the text is purple, they have used the colour purple because people associate it with Christmas there is also a strong presence of purple in the photo. To further add to the look of the card they have used some white space as well just to make the card look professional. Overall Appearance I think that overall this card looks very nice, I think this because I like the theme of the card as it is the only card I have looked at which carries a strong theme throughout, for example I like the fact that they have included some things which look like baubles which information in. 5. Content The content within this recipe card incorporates images and texts that are related around vegetarian meals. Within the content there is an ingredients list and images of the final product. There isnt a large amount of content within this recipe card but what is present, is very vibrant for example the image on the front of the recipe card looks fresh and colourful. The writing style The writing style in this recipe card is very simple and straight forward. The style of writing for this particular text is quite informative as it is written to instruct a reader. It doesnt use full complex sentences and often just refers to the key elements of the recipe rather than going into great detail. Use of font In this particular recipe card there is only one font used which is a sans serif font. The font used on the front cover of the recipe card is sans serif and is a larger sized font compared to the rest of the text throughout the recipe card. This is to catch the readers eye to entice them into reading the recipe card, however the rest of the text for example the informative section is less eye catching and it uses a smaller sized font because its purpose is to instruct the reader rather than enticing them in. Quality/technical details of photography The image featured in this recipe card is fairly complex. The images is of a very high quality, this Is to make sure that the image is clear and easily seen. The big bad boy salad image on the front cover is captured from above and is slightly on a angle. The image was taken like this to try and capture as much detail, colour and texture of the salad to give a more appealing aspect to the product. The cool, bright tones incorporated in the image gives emphasis on the fact that the meal is fresh and a light meal. The image was taken quite close up and was manually focused to draw attention to the contents of the salad. The content of the salad is clearly visible appealing to the vegetarians as they can