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  • PhotoStoryNoreen StrehlowPESD Teachers

    11/7/06 1 1

  • This is the opening screen of Photo Story

    We will choose Begin a new story and click on Next >

  • To make a movie you will need digital photos

    These should be stored on your hard or flash drive

  • Go out to where they are stored and select them

    Hold the CTRL down till you have them all and click OK

  • When you bring in the photos they will show up here

    The one selected will be in the large editing frame

  • You may change the order of the photos

    Select a photo and move it with the arrow keys

  • You may narrate your movie by hooking up a microphone

    Make sure you have the correct photo selected

  • You may add custom motion by clicking on this button or

    Click on a selected photo to give you these nested menus

  • You may add motion to the movie by

    Zooming in or out of the photo just where you want

  • Set the start and stop postions

    Then set the timing for how many seconds it will show

  • Like most multimedia, there are various transitions

    Beginners tend to use too many of these. Keep it simple.

  • There are a variety of photographic effects you may add

    You may also add a title or caption for the photo

  • You may preview your movie while you create

    You may choose the < Back button to change things

  • One of the most fun things to do is to add music

    Photo Story gives you two ways to do this

  • You may bring in wma, mp3, or wav files you have stored

    Import from the hard drive or flash drive

  • You may also create your own music from many styles

    You may increase the tempo and intensity of the music

  • The music will start with the slide chosen

    You may use more than one music clip for your movie

  • You will have to choose how you want to save the file

    For class use you will choose playback on your computer

  • This is what the movie looks like in the Media Player

    You may choose to watch full screen but it wont be as clear

  • Lets watch the

    finished product!

    Now its

    your turn!