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Photo story. Stefan salvator. Elena Gilbert. Bonnie Bennett. Damon Salvator. Caroline forbesová. Birthday. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Photo story

Stefan salvatorDamon SalvatorElena GilbertCaroline forbesovBonnie BennettBirthdayThe story takes place in summer in the small town Mystic Falls. Elena loves Stefan. She will have a birthday and her friends want to prepary a celebration but she doesnt know about it. at School

Hi ! Do you go on party ? Party? Sorry, I cant come, because Im going to learn.

At home

Party? I dont know about it ...

There is a great place for the party ! I will call Caroline and tell her about my idea.I love Elena

There is it. Party for Elena will be perfect !

Yes, of course. Im hungry. We are going to the Grill.Hi Elena! Do you want to go out with us ?Ok, I want to say it too.

In the grill

Who is the girl with Stefan ?Birthaday

You are only one in my life.He goes to the party alone.Elena, happy Birthday.

Caroline , thank you. I think you forgot me.Elena happy Birthday.You are my best friend.

Are you still angry?

Stefan, I am not angry. Thank you for everything.

She is my whole life.I love him so much.The end