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  • 1. SUBJECT:- MIS LAB NAME: ANKIT DIXIT COLLEGE ROLL #: IT/10/10605 UNIV.ROLL #-100420825160 ___________________________________________________________________ 1 INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHONOLOGY, BHADDAL EXPERIMENT NO.1 AIM: MIS and its functional subsystem. INTRODUCTION OF MIS: MIS is also preferred Information Processing System, Information and Decision System, organizational Information System or simply Information System which is integrated, user machine system or providing information to operations, management and decision making functions in an organization. The system utilizes computer hardware, software, manual procedures, and models for analysis, planning control and decision making and a database. The fact that it is an integrated system doesnt mean that it is a single but it means that all parts fit into an overall design. Pyramid structure of MIS

2. SUBJECT:- MIS LAB NAME: ANKIT DIXIT COLLEGE ROLL #: IT/10/10605 UNIV.ROLL #-100420825160 ___________________________________________________________________ 2 INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHONOLOGY, BHADDAL MIS has been described as a pyramid structure in which bottom layer consist of information for transaction processing, status inquiries etc. The next level consists of information resources in day to day operation and control. The third level consists of information resources to ate in tactical planning and decision making for management control. The top level consists of information resources to support strategic planning and policy making by higher levels of management. Each level of information processing may make use of data provided for lower level but new data may also be introduced. E.g. some of information to support management and decision making is provided by data obtained for transaction process while some may be new data about activities external to the organization . Computer based user machine system : A MIS can exist without computers but it is a capability of computer which makes MIS feasible. The question is not whether computer should be used in MIS but the extend to which computers should be used in MIS and how much information should be computerized. The concept of user machine system means some functions are best performed by users while others are best performed by machines. The user of MIS is any person responsible for entering input data, instruction given to system or utilizing the information output of the system. For many problems the user and computer forma combined system with results obtained from a set of interactions between computer and user. Computer based means that designer of MIS must have a knowledge of computer and of their use in information processing. The user machine means that the system designer should also understand capabilities of human as system components and behavior of users of information system. Information system application should not require user to be computer experts. However users need to be able to specify their information requirement. Some understanding of computer, the nature of information and its use in various management function aids users in this task. 3. SUBJECT:- MIS LAB NAME: ANKIT DIXIT COLLEGE ROLL #: IT/10/10605 UNIV.ROLL #-100420825160 ___________________________________________________________________ 3 INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHONOLOGY, BHADDAL Significance of MIS : MIS have become a vital component of successful business firms and other organizations. They contribute an essential field of study in business administration and management. Thats why business managers must take a subject in information systems. Since you intend to be a manager or business professional it is very important to have a basic understanding of information systems as it is to understand any other functional area in business. The following are the reasons why Information systems are important. An information system is an organized combination of people, hardware, software communication network and data resources that collects, transfer the information in organization. End users work by using many types of information system. They might include simple manual hardware devices and informal communication channels. An end user perspective Anyone who uses information system or information it produces is an end user. This usually related to all persons in an organization are distinguished from the smaller number of persons who are information system analysts or professional computer programmers. A manager end user is a manager or professional who personally uses information systems so most managers are managerial end users. An enterprise perspective Information system plays a vital role in business success of an enterprise. Information technology can provide the information. A business needs for efficient operations, effective management and competitive advantage. However if information system dont properly related to the strategic objectives, business operations or management needs of an enterprise they can seriously damage its success so the proper management of information system is a major challenge for managers. Thus information system functions include following point.:- It consists of a major functional area of business. A major part of resource of an enterprise and its cost of doing business makes a major resource management challenge. 4. SUBJECT:- MIS LAB NAME: ANKIT DIXIT COLLEGE ROLL #: IT/10/10605 UNIV.ROLL #-100420825160 ___________________________________________________________________ 4 INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHONOLOGY, BHADDAL It includes any important factor effecting operational efficiency, productivity and costumer service and satisfaction. It helps as a major source of information and a support needed to help effective decision making by manager. It acts as vital, dynamic and challenging opportunity for users. A global society perspective : We are living in a global info society, with a global economy that is increasingly dependent on the creation, management and distribution of information dependent on creation. So information is the basic resource in todays society. People in many nations no longer stay with agriculture societies composed of farmers or even industrial societies where a majority of work force consists of factory workers. Knowledge workers include executive, managers and supervisors, professional such as accountants, engineers etc. Most of them are end users who make their efficiency in using information system to create, distribute, manage and use information resources. Thus information system helps them to manage financial, material, energy and other resources involved in their work responsibilities. Information or information system are valuable resource or knowledge workers, their organization and society. A major challenge for global information society is to manage its information resources to benefit all members of society while meeting the strategic goals of organization and nation. This means using information system to find more efficient and responsible base of using information system to find more efficient and responsible base of using the limited supply of material energy and other resources. Since the information systems of so many organizations are interconnected by local, global, telecommunication networks, knowledge workers who can know access and distribute information and manage resources all over the world. For these reasons information system play an increasingly vital role in our global economy. MIS MODEL : In the MIS model, the database contains the data provided by the subsystem. In addition both data and information are entered from environment. The database contents are used by software that product periodic and special reports as well as mathematical models that perform various aspects of the firms operation. 5. SUBJECT:- MIS LAB NAME: ANKIT DIXIT COLLEGE ROLL #: IT/10/10605 UNIV.ROLL #-100420825160 ___________________________________________________________________ 5 INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHONOLOGY, BHADDAL The software output are used by people who are responsible for solving the firms problems. Note that some of problem solvers can exist within the firms environment. The MIS provides information to other members of inter organizational information system. Components of MIS : MIS components are identified by describing the system as a processor. The system process is defined by identification of inputs and transformation of inputs to outputs. The typical example of system as a processor is data processing system. The processes include classification calculation and summarization of data. These processes are related to the production of useful information. A computerized MIS processes the information, in this case the processes consists of computation and skillful management of reports. The functional relationship between input and output of a process is used to design and evaluate feedback systems. Basically the MIS is having three components Process: The total process of a system is the net contribution of many individual processes in MIS design. This is accomplished by ongoing activities in converting inputs to outputs. For example if we consider typical marketing information system, the fundamental inputs and outputs could be processed as follows: Inputs: 1. Sales on units by each salesman for a period. 2. Estimated sales in units of competitor corresponding to above. 3. Economic conditions and trends. Outputs: 1. Sales by product i.e. month wise and till date. 2. Sales by salesman i.e. month wise and till date. 3. Sales by trend analysis. 4. Sales forecasting. For conversion of output from inputs it is important to classify transfer, aggregate and analyze input quantities to get desired outputs variables. This enables the current information at any specific point of time. Parameters of MIS 6. SUBJECT:- MIS LAB NAME: ANKIT DIXIT COLLEGE ROLL #: IT/10/10605 UNIV.ROLL