Marion Coleman Story Quilts

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  • 1. Marion Coleman Story Quilts

2. Memory, family stories, cultural history, and a world filled with color are the inspiration for Marion Colemans quilts. Below is a story quilt about her visits to her great grandparents home in Texas. 3. Marion learned to sew from her grandmother. Her journey as an art quilter began ten years ago when she entered a quilting contest. She has won numerous awards and art residencies. Her quilts have been featured in several publications including O, Oprah Magazine. 4. Marion Coleman lived with her grandmother most of her childhood. She feels lucky to have stayed there; her grandmother taught her to quilt. Her teachers encouraged her to go to college. She was the first in her family to graduate from a university. Here is a quilt of Pearl, her stepmother. 5. Her quilts are amazing. At first glance, they appear to be paintings. Here is Faith Ringgold, famous artist and author of Tar Beach and other childrens picture books. 6. Notice the texture in the background on this quilt of DeeDee Bridgewater, actress and jazz singer. 7. It is hard to believe this is a quilt. It depicts Shelagh, a long time friend. Can you see all the stitched lines and pieces of fabric? 8. Marion Colemans grandmother and aunt. 9. Quilt of a boy with a skateboard. 10. Marion Coleman often uses historical/cultural themes in her quilts. Here is a quilt honoring Ruby Bridges, the first Black child to attend an all white elementary school in the south. 11. This quilt, Her Heart was in the Clouds, features Bessie Coleman, first Black female to get her pilots license. 12. This quilt is titled Waiting for the Freedom Train. Can you see the eyes in the background? What could those mean? 13. Buffalo Soldier depicts a member of the first peacetime all black regiment in the US army. 14. Mr. Felix Lindsey, a Buffalo Soldier 15.