Makerspaces for Young Makers

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  • Lesley Cano @remynselib

2. A makerspace is any place that provides opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and critical-thinking using high-tech, low- tech and no-tech tools. 3. create 4. problem solving critical thinking collaboration confidence invention success experimentation 5. 1. Find the space 2. Find the stuff 3. Find the time 4. Find help if you need it 6. Measuring tape Magnifying Glass Chenille sticks Rubber bands Tape (duct & electrical) Nuts & bolts Popsicle sticks Glue/Wood Glue Vinyl Tiles (use as mats) Tweezers Pliers Screwdrivers (regular & precision) Wrenches Scissors Mallets Old electronics Altoids containers Paper/plastic cups Toothpicks Safety Glasses Felt Packaging material Bubble wrap Cardboard Straws Flashlights Plastic trays (for containing projects) Plastic Wrap Foil Paper or Journals Pencils Markers Clay Yarn Paper towel tubes LEGOs PVC Pipe Makey Makey Brushbots littleBits 7. How to Stock a Makerspace for FREE Ask teachers/staff for donations Ask local companies for donations/make and use connections Look in recycling bins Look at what people are throwing away Get kids to look at home and bring items (with parent permission) Watch for deliveries of electronics or other items to get the packaging material Watch for old equipment being discarded 8. Apps for Young Makers Coding Daisy the Dinosaur Hopscotch Video Lego Movie Maker imovie Music Musyc Glitchamaphone Musical Squares Misc. Rube Works 9. Start small Start young Free = good Stand back Student choice Get help Write grants Engage Multiple Literacies 10. Resources Iste. org Make Magazine Design Squad Nation Invent to Learn (by Sylvia Libow Martinez and Gary Stager