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Major land forms of the earth

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This is a educational presentation of Geography

Text of Major land forms of the earth

  • 1. Major Land Forms Of The EarthMade By Harshil

2. Content s1. Introduction2. Plains3. Mountain4. River5. Plateau 3. IntroductionLand forms are the natural shapes orfeatures called landforms. There are many different types oflandforms found on the Earth. 4. PlainsAn extensive level, usually treeless area ofland on Earths surface 5. MountainA natural elevation of the Earths surfacehaving considerable mass, generally steepsides. 6. Fold MountainsFold mountains are the most common type ofmountain. The worlds largest mountainranges are fold mountains. These ranges wereformed over millions of years.Fold mountains are formed when two platescollide head on, and their edgescrumbled, much the same way as a piece ofpaper folds when pushed together. 7. Block MountainsInstead of the earth folding over, the earthscrust fractures (pulls apart). It breaks upinto blocks or chunks. Sometimes these blocksof rock move up and down, as they moveapart and blocks of rock end up being stackedon one another. 8. Volcanic MountainsVolcanic Mountains are formed when moltenrock (magma) deep within theearth, erupts, and piles upon the surface.Magna is called lava when it breaks throughthe earths crust. When the ash and lavacools, it builds a cone of rock. Rock and lavapile up, layer on top of layer. 9. RiverA large natural stream of water emptyinginto an ocean, lake, or other body ofwater and usually fed along its course byconverging tributaries. 10. Plateau Plateaus are raised areas of land with aflatter top. It differs from a mountain inthat a mountain has a jagged peak at thetop. Plateaus form either when mountainsget worn down and their tops are not asjagged or when a large portion of flatearth is pushed up from the earth.