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  • 1. Thomas Lewin Ellis Hesketh Ellis Evans

2. We are developing an iPhone app for teenage males who play Call of Duty to help them stop wasting time when choosing classes. CLASSAPP Pitch 3. Who?- People who enjoy gaming What? - People who just want to see what they can make and get the best out of the games When? - whenever they feel bored or just want to look at something new Where? - At home or in their friends house to show them what they have done Why?- They might not be winning games by their bad choice of class or team WWWWW? 4. As always time is the problem. CLASSAPP will reduce the amount of time people spend making classes and trying them out or wasting coins on teams who dont play well together. Therefore, they will have more time to play and enjoy the game. Key Problems 5. How do you reduce time making and testing out classes? How do you stop wasting coins and time on teams? CLASSAPP Core Questions 6. People who have the problem of making classes or spending coins currently try to use FUTHEAD OR FUTWIZZ but this solution sometimes does not work because you always need the internet. Our key insight is that people need more time with better teams and classes which our app can provide to help them overcome their problem. Problems our app addresses 7. Our team, LOMAX, is developing a gaming app which can be used on a mobile so they can create classes and teams whilst they are away from their consoles. This means they can focus on actually playing the game when they get back home. Our users can access their account through the app and make important decisions when they have free time, like on the bus or waiting at the dentist! CLASSAPP Mini-elavator pitch 8. FUTHEAD FUTWIZZ Call Of Duty ELITE These 3 websites are like ours but we are making them into an app and combining them. Websites similar to ours 9. Have one integrated game to a professional standard Have it preloaded for when you get in Be able to customize items within the game Core features and MVP stories 10. Ever had the problem, when you havent got the time to customize your game? With our app you will be able to customize this on the move. This will then be preloaded on to your console so you will be able to play straight away. 11. We will source our data from EA, Infinity Ward and Ubisoft. It is most important that we get our data from EA because we are relying on this to make our app. Ubisoft is just an extra to make our app more varied. Summary 12. We have chosen business model 3 because our app is aimed at younger people who will not be able to spend 4 to buy the app so this way we use advertising on our app and get sponsorships off game companies. This will be the best way for us to make money from the app. Business model 13. Viral marketing through social media bill- board campaign in big cities Advertise at a game convention 3 Core Marketing Activities