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  • 1. Ket 1530 Lola Garca Ceppi andCatalina Saldao

2. Who wasHornedjitef? 3. His name was Hornedjitef, and he was a priestat the Temple of Amun at Karnak. He diedabout 220 BC, and was buried at Thebes. 4. Hornedjitef was an importantperson:In Ancient Egypt, priests were the only people,apart from the king, allowed into temples tocarry out sacred rituals (religious ceremonies)every day. 5. Because of his high rank, Hornedjitef wasalmost certainly given a splendid funeral,and his mummy was made with special care. 6. It wasn't only people who weremummified. The Egyptians also mademummies of ibises (birds), cats,crocodiles and gazelles. 7. The face on Hornedjitef's mask is that of a youngman with a golden skin.This is not a picture of Hornedjitef in life. It's him as agod in the afterlife. When the priest died, he was anold man. 8. This is his mummy mask: 9. Scientists examined this mummy with a CTscanner, and found signs of arthritis and other'ageing' problems in the bones - Hornedjitefprobably walked stiffly, perhaps with a stick. 10. Why the egyptians make mommies?The Ancient Egyptians made mummies ofdead bodies, to preserve them and makesure that a person's spirit or 'ba' moved oninto the afterlife. 11. Making a mummyMaking a mummy took seventy days. During theprocess, some body parts including the brainwere removed and placed in jars; the body wastreated with salt and chemicals. The treatmentdried the body to stop decay. 12. The finishedmummy waswrapped in linencloth, and thepainted mask putover the face,before the lastfuneral rites. It wasthen put into acoffin, and buriedin a tomb.